Al-Qaeda is holed up in Al-Hanka camp in Abyan

English - الثلاثاء 20 سبتمبر 2022 الساعة 05:35 م
Aden, NewsYemen, special:

In the wake of the strikes of the southern forces and the purification of 90% of the mountains and valleys of Omran, east of the Mudiyah district, al-Qaeda members fled with equipment that they transported in the dead of night.

While the movements of the southern forces in valleys, reefs, and very rugged mountains, the speed of their movement is limited by mines and explosive devices planted by the elements before escaping, the southern forces monitor the reservoirs to which members and weapons of the organization moved, to paralyze its movement and prevent it from preparing and carrying out any terrorist operations.

Newsyemen monitors local information about the camp to which al-Qaeda elements withdrew.

According to a tribal source, the organization withdrew its members and equipment to Al-Hanka camp, which is a mountainous area no less dangerous and rugged than Omaran, about 10 kilometers away.

Al-Hanka is another old camp for the organization in which members and leaders have been stationed for many years, and it is the second after Omaran in the entire Abyan governorate.

The sources confirmed that, over the past two days, the organization transferred leaders, elements and weapons from the Omaran mountains to the al-Hanka camp, which apparently will witness another violent battle, as witnessed by Omaran.

Al-Hanka is a vast mountainous area belonging to the "Al-Rabiez" tribe, devoid of residents, except for limited places in which there are nomadic Bedouins. There are no villages or tribal areas. It is bordered to the east by the Al Ghasil and Al-Mahfad area, and to the north by areas in Harib Shabwa, and in all of these areas Al-Qaeda is still moving comfortably.

The southern forces announced the start of the process of advancing towards the Al-Mahfad district, and securing the district would make the task of liberating Al-Hanka camp easier after cutting off its supplies from the city and storming it, as happened to the Omaran camp.

Sources in the southern forces confirmed monitoring the movements of terrorist elements and their camps, noting that the engineering teams for removing mines and explosives are doing their work to clear what remains of the Omaran Mountains and move to the roads to pursue the elements from all the lands and mountains of Mudiyah until they reach Al-Mahfad.