Russia suffers in Ukraine and Iran boasts in Sanaa..the illusion of power between Tehran and Moscow

English - السبت 24 سبتمبر 2022 الساعة 10:48 ص
Sana'a, NewsYemen, Ammar Ali Ahmed:

In a speech that sparked fear and panic in the world, Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday threatened to use nuclear weapons to protect "the unity of Russia and its people", accusing the West of being involved in a "nuclear provocation", and warning them that he "did not deceive when he said he was ready to use nuclear weapons for defense."  about Russia.

In his speech, Putin announced that he had signed a decree for partial military mobilization, which means a summons for about 300,000 military reserve soldiers, in a step that is considered the first since World War II, and comes on the impact of the setback suffered by the Russian army in its war on Ukraine during the past weeks.

Where the Ukrainian forces managed to regain control of major cities and villages in the northern Kharkiv region with an area of more than 10,000 square kilometers in less than two weeks, following a sudden collapse of the defenses of the Russian forces, which are today in a weak position after 7 months of the war inside Ukraine, or from the age of  A "special military operation", as Putin called it when it was launched in late February.

A collapse that observers see as a natural result of the prolonged period of this military operation and its transformation into a war of attrition for the Russian army due to the steadfastness of the Ukrainian army, supported by its political leadership, which managed the confrontation from inside the capital, Kyiv, and forced the legions of the Russian army to withdraw from its suburbs in mid-April, after its mechanisms were subjected to a horrific massacre. Thanks to the latest anti-armor weapons provided by the West.

Today, the Russian President stands on the harvest of his military operation in Ukraine, which is entering its eighth month without achieving any of its objectives.  in Russian), whose main pretext for war was not fully controlled by the Russian army until today.

Putin is aware of the size of the predicament he is experiencing today with the failure of his war against Ukraine, with signs indicating the failure of his last card, which he was betting on to subdue the West and Europe in particular, the gas cut card, with European moves to contain the energy crisis during the coming winter by reducing the volume of consumption by about 15  % and significantly succeeded in providing the continent's gas needs for the winter, away from Russian gas.

An outcome that deepens the crisis that the man is going through, in which the influence and power of Russia is at stake, and that victory in Ukraine has become a matter of “life or death” for him, and that withdrawing from the war is not one of his options, as a report by the American magazine “Newsweek” says, which explains the size  Global fears that the man "desperately" resort to the use of nuclear weapons.

This scene from Moscow is almost identical in many respects with the scene from Sanaa, which at the same time witnessed a military parade by the Houthi group to celebrate the eighth anniversary of its control over Sanaa and state institutions in September 2014, and then set out to control the rest of the provinces, which sparked the war in the country since that Date.

The military parade, in which the group tried to convey a message that it still possesses power, cannot obscure the reality of its reality 8 years after it ignited the war and the choice of force to impose its rule on the Yemenis.

A choice that has led it today to control a geographical area that represents less than a quarter of the country’s area. Today, it is negotiating a number of civilian flights to one airport in which it controls, and a number of oil ships to reach one port. As for the population under its control, they are threatened with starvation, according to UN reports.

Despite this bitter harvest, the Houthi group still sees the option of force and weapons as the only option to impose its rule on the interior and the only language to force the outside to deal with it and implement its desires, like a madman carrying a bomb in his hand and holding millions of hostages.