The Brotherhood is taking advantage of their control over health to invest support in their own facilities

English - السبت 24 سبتمبر 2022 الساعة 06:28 م
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The Islah Party, the local branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, acquired the medical support provided to Yemen, through its control of the Ministry of Public Health and Population, and its offices in the liberated governorates.

The Brotherhood managed to tighten their control over the Ministry of Health and seize the medical support from international bodies, equipment, and medicines provided to Yemen.

The way to manage the health reality in Yemen is shown in accordance with the orientations carried out by the Brotherhood, through their distribution of their cadres to control health offices throughout the liberated governorates, and the implementation of many policies to trade in the work of the ministry, to serve their agenda and invest in the medical aspect.

Dr. Amin Muhammad Al-Athb attributed the main reason behind the great failure of the Ministry of Health in the liberated areas to the Brotherhood's control over the composition of the ministry and all aspects of the health sector.

Al-Athb said, "The method of investment carried out by the Brotherhood undermined the health reality, in the liberated areas, as they expanded the process of transforming the Ministry of Health to be subject to regulation, and put it at the service of its projects and agenda."

He added that the Islah Party is expanding in setting up private medical investment projects, with the capabilities of the Ministry of Public Health and Population, while working to destroy government health institutions.

The size of the Brotherhood’s Islah Party’s investment in the health sector has increased in recent years, reaching investment in medical clinics and pharmacies, where the organization works to operate its members in these projects in return for percentages of profits or monthly salaries.

 Medical sources say that the Brotherhood owns 80% of private hospitals and medical centers, in partnership with many personalities affiliated with the Brotherhood.

The sources indicate that the Brotherhood exploited its control over the Ministry of Public Health and Population, to import medical equipment and devices in the name of the ministry, to escape customs duties, while these equipment are for investment projects specific to the organization and its leaders.

The organization also took advantage of the control of the health sector, to invest the free medical support provided to Yemen, by directing it to hospitals and centers for the organization and also for sale in the drug market.