Announcing the fourth stage... Seham Al-Sharq is heading to the last stronghold of "Al-Qaeda"

English - الأحد 25 سبتمبر 2022 الساعة 07:33 م
Aden, NewsYemen:

 The southern forces continue Seham Al-Sharq "Arrows of the East" operation against terrorist groups in Abyan (southern Yemen), as a fourth phase of the campaign began to purge "Al-Mahfad", the last district of the governorate.

The launch of the fourth phase of the operation comes after the success of the southern forces in securing the Mudiyah district and tightening control over Wadi Omran, which was considered the most important stronghold of al-Qaeda in Abyan.

The southern forces achieved great victories in the three phases of Operation Arrows of the East, as they purified the coastal areas of terrorist elements and took control of the organization's camps in Wadi Mogan, the central regions, and up to Wadi Omran.

The fourth phase aims to purify the Al-Mahfad district, located east of Abyan governorate, from terrorist groups, and there are two camps for Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula in the town.

Brigadier General Mukhtar al-Nubi, commander of the Abyan axis, said that the fourth stage of Operation Siham al-Sharq, will be in the direction of Al-Mahfad, the last district of Abyan Governorate to cleanse it of stray terrorist elements.

The Governor of Abyan, Major General Abu Bakr Hussein, confirmed that Operation Arrows of the East, which was launched under the guidance of the President of the Southern Transitional Council, Aidarous Al-Zubaidi, resulted in the unification of the military and security forces in the governorate.

The governor said in a statement to the "Independent Aden" channel, that the southern forces took control of Omaran camp, the largest camp of al-Qaeda and the headquarters of their leaders there, noting that terrorist groups are moving through al-Bayda governorate.

 The governor of Abyan called for the support of the southern forces in the battle they are waging against terrorist organizations in the southern governorates.

The head of the Southern Transitional Council, Commander Aidarous Al-Zubaidi, is following the progress of the battles waged by the southern forces against Al-Qaeda in the governorates of Abyan and Shabwa, and stresses the resolution of the battle against terrorism in the south. 

Brigadier General Mukhtar al-Nubi confirmed in a previous statement that the military operations against terrorism in Abyan governorate come with the support and supervision of Major General Aidarous al-Zubaidi.

 Politicians say that Operation Seham al-Sharq will extend to Hadhramaut and Al-Mahra governorates to cleanse them of terrorist groups, and will not stop in Abyan governorate.

The Director of the Radio and Television Sector of the Transitional Council, Mukhtar al-Yafei, said that the decisive battle will not stop upon completing the liberation and purification of Abyan governorate, but will continue until the elimination of terrorism and militias rebelling against the Presidential Command Council.

For his part, Deputy Head of the Transitional Council of Abyan Governorate, Khaled Al-Abed, confirmed that Operation Arrows of the East and its fourth phase will continue until the province and the south are completely cleansed of terrorist organizations.

A member of the National Assembly of the Transitional Council, Muhammad al-Amoud, confirmed that Operation Siham al-Sharq will not be limited to Abyan governorate only, but will reach Hadhramaut and al-Mahra, and liberate the south completely from terrorism.