Al-Alimi: Aden is a base for moving towards Sanaa and the roads of Taiz will be opened by peace or by the overwhelming popular will

English - الاثنين 26 سبتمبر 2022 الساعة 04:53 م
Aden, NewsYemen:

 The head of the Yemeni Presidential Leadership Council, Rashad Muhammad Al-Alimi, said on Sunday that the roads of Taiz and other governorates will be opened sooner or later by peace or with the overwhelming popular will.

This came in a speech addressed to the Yemeni people at home and abroad on the occasion of the 60th National Day of the eternal September 26 revolution.

Al-Alimi said, “The September 26 revolution was not directed only against the backward regime, but was for the sake of life and dignity, and positive interaction with the changes of the age, based on our ancient history, which the new Imams want to rewrite on the pains of our people, and the erosion of our identity,  Where the Imam is the state, and God’s shadow is on earth, and the Qur’an speaks, as they claim.

He added: "The truce was not the goal, but rather a response to the calls of our people and to alleviate their suffering, while the Houthi militia leadership insists on closing the roads of Taiz as part of its collective punishment of the governorates rejecting its destructive project, and an attempt to thwart any efforts to bring peace and stability to the country, but I assure you that the roads of Taiz and other governorates will be opened sooner or later by peace or with the overwhelming popular will.

He added, "There is no ruling system that Yemen has known, except that it had opponents and competitors, but the Imamate regime alone was destined for absolute rejection, as a racist regime that provoked dignity and national feelings through an absolute tyrannical rule that did not see the people's right to rule themselves, and does not recognize any of his human rights.

Al-Alimi stressed that Aden has proven, day after day, and experience after another, that it is a base for freedom and victory, and a haven for all of us to restore recovery, and resume our footsteps, and that the heart of this city is never wrong that Yemen will be for all its children without exclusion or marginalization, noting out that Aden, which opened its doors to the leaders of the national movement in the north, is the same that today has turned into a fortress of steadfastness, and a base for launching towards Sana'a, and here we were soon after our delegation to it, and its loyal men.

He said, "We are better today than we were in the wake of the Houthi militia coup and their takeover of state institutions, and we will be better and stronger in the following year, and even if the militias again surrounded some cities and villages, but they will not win the hearts of Yemenis, and they will not win in the end."