Popular celebration of the September revolution in Houthi-controlled areas..resistance to priesthood and betrayal

English - الثلاثاء 27 سبتمبر 2022 الساعة 11:18 ص
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by self-effort and in large numbers;  Al-Seddah city in Ibb governorate witnessed a remarkable party, on Sunday evening.  To commemorate the 60th anniversary of the September 26 revolution, which announced the fall of the Imamate and the establishment of the Yemen Arab Republic.

The symbolism of the celebration scene in the city stems from two things.  The first is that it is the birthplace of the martyr Lieutenant Ali Abdul-Mughni, the young officer who is described as the true leader of the September revolution.  The other thing is that it is a city located within the areas under the control of the Houthi group, which harbors a position hostile to the September revolution.

Although the manifestations of the popular celebration of the September revolution in the areas controlled by the Iranian arm are not a new scene and have been repeated every year since the coup of the group in 2014, the observer notes the size of its escalation and growth and its transformation into what resembles a position of resistance to the group’s project that is hostile to the values of the republic.

The size of the audience in the celebration scene in the city of Al-Seddah and the scenes of interaction with national songs with folk dances and fireworks, and the crowd’s chants of the slogan “With our soul and blood, we will redeem you, Yemen” with the moments of lighting the torch of the revolution, came more like a popular response to the September revolution than the meager celebration held by the Houthi authority in Tahrir Square in Sana’a.  .

A poor celebration in which she tried to hide the truth of her position against the republic and the September 26 revolution, which was exposed by her behavior on the ground, which amounted to the arrest of two young men in the city of Dhamar on charges of “arranging to light the September torch”, while its militias bombed the site that witnessed the lighting ceremony in the liberated city of Midi.  North Hajjah minutes after the end of the ceremony.

The size of the popular celebration in the Houthi-controlled areas in September can be measured from the content of what a number of residents of these areas posted on social media during the past hours, and how the general atmosphere there turned into a real feast in which people exchange congratulations among themselves, while passing cars sing patriotic songs,  Decorated with the Yemeni flag.

This popular celebration shocks and frustrates the Houthi group, as it overthrows all its desperate attempts 8 years ago to replace the September 26 revolution in the conscience of Yemenis with its alleged September 21 revolution (the day it seized Sana’a), which this year held a military parade that mobilized all its followers  All the weapons you have got from Iran.

Iran's arm demonstrated its strength in the Seventy Square, which bears its name from the time of the siege that the republic was subjected to in Sana'a by the legions of Imam al-Badr for 70 days after the withdrawal of the Egyptian army supporting the republic before the legions of the imam were defeated by the steadfastness of the republicans.

The group demonstrated its strength in the field with 3 huge pictures, the first of the group's leader Abdul Malik and his brother, the founder of the group Hussein, and in the middle of them a picture of their father, Badr al-Din al-Houthi;  In a scene that reminded Yemenis, the house of Hamid al-Din, the last imam dynasty to rule the north, fell with the success of the September 26 revolution in 1962.

Hegemony reached its climax during the reign of Imam Ahmad Hamid al-Din, who was called by Yemenis the nickname "Ahmed Ya Janah", a metaphor for his brutality and crimes against them, while the Houthi leader, Hassan al-Azi, praises him and sees him as having a "strong personality" in a tweet to him on "Twitter" in which he posted this comment attached  with the image of Imam Ahmad;  In order to provoke the Yemenis on the memorial day of the September revolution.

A provocation that Yemenis in the north see as touching their most important achievement and the last value that could constitute a unifying factor for them, which is the republic, in light of the diaspora that the northern elites suffer from and their contentment with the manifestations of shy celebration of the September revolution with the remaining area of the north in Marib, Taiz, and Mocha, or virtually on social networking sites.

Retreat and diaspora keep the north hostage to the Houthis, without features to create an alternative project for it;  To double the feeling of his sons about the importance of adhering to the Republic, celebrating its revolution every year, and resisting all attempts to obliterate or replace it.