Houthi leaks messing with education to distract public opinion about the deadly dose

English - الخميس 20 أكتوبر 2022 الساعة 11:12 ص
Sana'a, NewsYemen, private:

The Houthi militia is trying to distract public opinion about the crime of the death of 20 children with cancer and the injury of others in the case of what has become known in the media as the lethal dose, to fabricating other important issues such as leaking news of calls to take part in protests against the group, or leaking unconfirmed information about the group’s intention to make fundamental amendments  in the testing system.

Activists on social networks are discussing the intention of the Houthi militia - the Iranian arm in Yemen - to convert the exams for classrooms from the sixth to the eighth grade into ministerial exams, while the Houthi militia is silent about this information and monitors reactions to it.

The social researcher, Abdul Raqeeb Sarhan, believes that the Houthi militia is trying, through leaking such information, to distract the interests of public opinion and social media activists, and on the other hand, it may test the response of citizens in its areas of control to sensitive issues such as education, health, and others.

Sarhan believes that any changes in the education system in terms of exams, curricula, or school calendar are unconstitutional and non-binding separatist acts, noting that the Houthi militia's efforts to destroy education and blind youth no longer need evidence, proof or information leakage.

Speaking to NewsYemen, social researcher Sarhan believes that education represents an existential threat to the group, and therefore it has waged a fierce war against educational institutions, teachers, curricula and parents since its coup against power in September 2014.

Noting that the content of basic education curricula in Yemen is characterized by nourishing the youth on the national culture, noble human values and the culture of coexistence, tolerance and acceptance of the other, ideas that clash with the group's orientations and ideas filled with a culture of intolerance and hatred.  Contrary to the principles and teachings of the Islamic religion and the biography of the Prophet.

The political and human rights activist, Abdul Wahab Al-Sharafi, agrees with him, who also believes that amending curricula, hatching institutions outside the official structure of the state, and amending laws, are considered separatist acts par excellence, and acts of sabotage are rejected and condemned.

He stressed the importance of all students of the country receiving the same education, and that students receive what is agreed upon by all segments of society.

And he added in a post on his Facebook: "Education is a fixed process that must teach what is fixed and not what is temporary and subject to change from one stage to another."