Ibb University.. Departments on the verge of closing and students turned into spies by Iran's arm

English - السبت 22 أكتوبر 2022 الساعة 10:50 ص
Ibb, NewsYemen, private:

Student sources told "NewsYemen" that there are great fears about the situation that university education has reached in Ibb Governorate in particular.

The sources confirmed that there are special departments in the literature department that are on the verge of closing within a year or two, with many, and other departments, amid inaction on the part of those concerned and lack of interest.

 She pointed out that there are reasons and motives that made some students change the university or department or stop teaching permanently and go to the open job market as a kind of despair and escape from reality.

Students but spies

 On the other hand, one of the teaching assistants, who has been excluded by the Houthi militia since it took control of the governorate and the university, stated that the Houthi militia has turned the students into spies against each other.

He added, "They spread terror among the students for absolute control of the union and transformed it into a single faction and faction, and they recruited spies everywhere."

The source was surprised by the efforts being made to transform the university and students into a closed camp full of spies, and it is shameful that they even recruited female students in an inappropriate manner and through whom reports are submitted.

He stated that the general goal of all this is to silence the opposing voices and find out who is with the group and who is working against its "Quranic path".

Considering that the matter is neither new nor secret, they dedicate all their time and effort to attract students through seminars, lectures and cultural courses that are devoted and more concerned with the affairs of the university and students and even through social media.

Ibb University is one of the important constituencies that the Houthi militia has worked on since the first day of occupying the province, trying to close it down as if it were its own electoral district and considered it a red line.  It is an integrated scheme to transform these edifices into ideological and sectarian barracks devoid of real educational attainment.

The Iranian arm had previously looted the revenues that were in the university’s treasury, estimated at 150,000 dollars and more than 250 million Yemeni riyals, without the local authorities moving a finger, and the fees were raised in a crazy manner.