Politicians: The solution with Al-Houthi is military

English - Saturday 22 October 2022 الساعة 05:24 pm
Aden, NewsYemen, special:

Politicians stressed that the solution with the Houthi group must be military, away from all attempts at a truce and a comprehensive solution with this terrorist group.

The claims came after a terrorist attack by two drones, carried out by the Houthi group, targeting the Dabba port in Hadramout Governorate, on Friday.

Two drones targeted the port in an attempt to target an oil tanker that was docked to transport oil from the port.

Hadhramaut Governor Mabkhout bin Madi confirmed that the attack was carried out by the Houthi militia - which later claimed the attack - noting that the attack did not hit the tanker and there were no casualties.

 Local residents said that Houthi planes have been hovering over the cities of Hadramout since Friday morning, noting that at 2:00 in the afternoon they heard two explosions from the direction of the Dabba oil port.

Politicians and media professionals said that a peaceful solution with the Houthi group is not possible, and that the solution with it must be military.

Amer Al-Humayqani, a spokesman for the Humayqan resistance, confirmed that this Houthi targeting of a Yemeni facility by the Houthis is considered an end to all peace efforts.

"The Presidential Council has no choice but to take a military decision and liberate the rest of Yemen," al-Humayqani said.

The southern politician, "Ahmed al-Saleh," stressed that the cost of the armistice and peace with al-Houthi is much more than the cost of war. 

Politician Kamel Al-Khouthani demanded that the Leadership Council respond to this attack by declaring mobilization, mobilizing the fronts, and launching the decisive battle.

 Al-Khouthani wrote on Twitter: Al-Houthi bombed the Al-Dhaba port with American and British consent as a pressure card on the leadership council to comply with the Houthi conditions and requests, especially the payment of salaries while leaving the resources to him and his followers.

Al-Khouthani added: "We demand the leadership council to respond by announcing the mobilization, mobilizing the fronts, and launching the decisive battle," noting that the surrender of the arm is a disgrace and will end with the requirement of allegiance to Abdul-Malik al-Houthi.

In turn, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Information, Osama Al-Shurmi, demanded the launch of an operation to liberate Al-Hodeidah Governorate, because Al-Houthi will not abandon national interests.

 "By God, if you do not attack Hodeidah, Al-Houthi will attack every national interest, whether it is an installation, site or camp," Al-Shurmi wrote.

The southern politician Fahd Al-Khulaifi also tweeted: "The armistice ended with Al-Houthi, and the war is raging on the fronts of the southern forces in Hadd Yafa and North Al-Dhalea, and skirmishes in Nati' Shabwa and Mukiras, Abyan."

He added: A new development is that Houthi warplanes have targeted the Dabba port in Hadramout on the coast of the Arabian Sea.

 "Iran has moved its tails, and we must prepare for war to bring Al-Houthi to peace," Al-Khulaifi noted.