Russian women in Yemen..a close connection to the land and society despite the circumstances

English - الأحد 23 أكتوبر 2022 الساعة 11:54 ص
Lahj, NewsYemen, Mohieddin Al-Subaihi:

Popular and official sympathy with the Russian citizen "Arina Victor" after the collapse of her house in the city of Al-Houta in the Lahj governorate (southern Yemen) reminded other Russian women who went through the experiences of association and marriage with Yemenis (southern) during the seventies and eighties of the last century, while they were studying in the Soviet Union.

"Svetlana Mtailis", a woman in her sixties, describes the experience of her marriage to a Yemeni as excellent, which made her cling to stay in Yemen, even though she had the ability to return to her country of origin (Russia).

She says that "the kindness of Yemeni society made her prefer living here rather than returning to Russia."

Svetlana has lived in Yemen since 1996, when she entered Al-Houta (the capital of Lahj governorate) with her son from her Russian husband. Svetlana, who was born in the Russian capital, Moscow, holds a general nursing diploma.

She worked as a nurse in the October 14 Hospital in Labous District, Lahj Governorate, to stop there. Then, in 2002, she was employed in Ibn Khaldoun Hospital in the Intensive Care Department and continued to work there until the outbreak of the 2015 war, when she left the country for Russia before returning after the liberation of Lahj to Yemen.

"Svetlana" married the deceased Yemeni citizen Hamid Mtailes, but she did not have children. She communicates with many married Russian women in Yemen and describes the situation in Yemen as not good and suffers from lack of hygiene and the spread of security incidents and lacks the necessary and important services in electricity, water and health, especially after the 2015 war.

Meowa Sarkhun is another story

 In January 1987, the Russian Moya Sarkhun, who married Bimini in 1984 and had three children with him, arrived. She is currently working in the telecommunications center in Al-Jarba, Belhij, and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communications Engineering from Minnes University, Belarus.

Sarkhun, 56, estimates that she has been in Yemen for about 33 years, who lost her husband two years ago. She sees the experience as very good. She describes the people here as simple and very good, and they tend to unite in the happiest and worst situations, and they are the majority of society. Few people differ from beautiful temperaments, but the majority are very 


Similarly, the Russian Arina Victor, who has been in Yemen for 38 years, refused to return to Russia, considering that Yemen is her country and saying that she refused to return out of her love for Yemen and the people of Lahj in particular, who treated her as a member of their family and that she does not feel alienated among them because of the love she receives  The care and feelings are indescribable, stressing that she will remain in Yemen until death.

Arena went through a bitter experience after entering South Yemen in 1986 with her husband, Fadl al-Lusaysi, after losing her two sons during a traffic accident while they were returning from Taiz Governorate, after which she entered a difficult psychological situation to separate from her thief husband.

During her experience in Yemen, she worked as a teacher at the University of Aden and some other universities before she stopped and lived in the house of a citizen named Jamal Al-Baghdadi who donated to her a house to live in after the death of her two sons and the separation of her husband from her before the accident of her house falling in the recent rains in Lahj created official and popular sympathy, as leaders in the  The local authority in Hajjah and the Transitional Council amid the sympathy of the people, which made it cling to stay in Yemen.