Taiz Police announces seizure of Houthi cells linked to planting and detonating explosive devices

English - الأحد 23 أكتوبر 2022 الساعة 04:51 م
Taiz, NewsYemen:

 The Taiz police announced the seizure of two Houthi terrorist cells linked to the operations of planting and detonating explosive devices, consisting of four people.

The director of security, Brigadier General Mansour Al-Akhali, revealed in a press conference that the two cells are directly linked to the implementation of the recent terrorist operations in the city, which are planting explosive devices on board military vehicle and another vehicle in the city center.

The police explained that the perpetrators were arrested in coordination with the Anti-Terrorism Department and the Criminal Investigation Department, after they committed the two terrorist bombings that targeted a pill car in the Deluxe area earlier this month, injuring three citizens, and the recent terrorist bombing that targeted a military outfit in Al-Qubba market two days ago, which killed one.  The judges, a girl and two others were injured.

The police pointed out that the accused confessed to working for the Houthi terrorist militia and receiving training in terrorist bombings.

The governorate police stated that the suspects were placed in custody to carry out legal procedures in preparation for their referral to the competent authority.

The Taiz police announced to all those interested, journalists and public opinion that it is in the process of holding a press conference to clarify more information and reveal a number of facts related to the seizure of the two cells and other issues of public interest and to clarify police procedures regarding them.