Emirati newspaper: The Houthi threat is severe and has transcended the borders of Yemen and the region

English - Monday 24 October 2022 الساعة 10:13 am
Aden, NewsYemen:

An Emirati newspaper confirmed that the threat of the Houthi militia has become severe and has transcended the borders of Yemen and the entire region, explaining that every new attack carried out by the coup militias confirms to the world that it is just a terrorist group that cannot move forward in concluding peaceful settlements that stop the deteriorating situation in Yemen.

In its editorial entitled "A dangerous escalation", the Emirati newspaper Al-Ittihad explained that the terrorist attack launched by the Houthis recently with two drones on the Al-Dabba oil port represents a new link in the series of attacks and crimes that the militias insist on continuing to commit, despite all regional and international efforts made to end the suffering of the Yemeni people.

She said that targeting the port, while docking a ship for shipping crude oil, is a flagrant violation of Security Council Resolution No. 2216, and a violation of international laws and norms, in addition to a long list of crimes committed by the militias against the Yemeni people, after their refusal to extend the UN truce, despite all  The facilities provided by the Yemeni government in order to renew them.

She stressed: "Now, more than ever, Yemen needs broad international solidarity and rapid and effective regional and global action to deter such acts and hold their perpetrators accountable to maintain peace, energy supplies and global trade corridors after eight years of devastating conflict that caused a horrific tragedy for Yemenis and a threat to security and stability."  in the region and across the world.  "This is the only way to force the Houthis to abandon their intransigence and stop their crimes," it explained.