Al-Qaeda Brigades under the cover of presidential protection.. Terrorism coming from southern Taiz

English - Monday 24 October 2022 الساعة 03:47 pm
Taiz, NewsYemen, special:

Al-Qaeda and ISIS elements and extremist groups arrive in Taiz governorate, specifically the Al-Hujariyah areas, the southwestern part of the governorate, which is the area that has remained away from extremism and is dominated by coexistence and a tyrannical civil spirit that governs the behavior and lives of its children.

This polarization came after the southern forces launched successive military operations in Shabwa and Abyan against the cells and strongholds of terrorist organizations, which for two decades remained entrenched in camps and strongholds far from the authorities’ ability to reach them, or perhaps their unwillingness to do so.

Information obtained by NewsYemen indicates that a number of al-Qaeda and ISIS elements arrived in the city of al-Turbah and the small towns near it, coming from the southern regions, in a new chapter of the use of terrorism against the south by the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Brotherhood leaders have been moving for months to facilitate the transfer of terrorist groups to Al-Hijriyah, where the leader Amjad Khaled is in the soil to receive these groups and arrange their presence in their new stronghold under the cover of presidential protection forces.

Al-Hajariya, with its mountainous terrain, provides a suitable place for the concentration and presence of Al-Qaeda and ISIS cells, as the mountain ranges extend from the entrance to Al-Ma’afer in Al-Baireen to the borders of Lahj Governorate and to the west to the outskirts of Al-Wazi’iyah.

The presence of al-Qaeda and ISIS groups in Taiz was not related to the recent developments in the south. Rather, the beginnings of the confrontation with the Houthi militia in Taiz constituted an appropriate opportunity for the arrival of many al-Qaeda and ISIS elements, including non-Yemeni leaders, after the escapes that took place from prisons of members and leaders of the organization.

Also, this presence of al-Qaeda and ISIS cells was public in terms of the location of their presence in known squares, as well as the formation of courts and prisons, and the exercise of the functions of security and judicial authorities through the presence of an al-Qaeda court and forces affiliated with it to implement the outcomes of its sessions.

The Hasm movement, which turned into the Fifth Brigade, a presidential guard, was the framework through which al-Qaeda moved, while ISIS was present in its own squares in Souk al-Samil and later began to camp in Jabal Habashi before the Abu Abbas Brigades launched a major military operation that ended with the expulsion of ISIS from Jabal Habashi.  

While the groups and leaders of Taiz left during the years from 2016 to 2020, many of the lords of al-Qaeda and its elements were framed in the Fifth Brigade, a presidential guard, which was initially called the Hasm Movement, and the Fifth Brigade still represents a stronghold of terrorist cells and leaders in Taiz.

In addition to the Fifth Brigade, Presidential Protection, which Nasser Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, son of the former president, bestowed support and armament on, the Transfer Brigade, Presidential Protection, constitutes another wing of terrorism that is framed and re-fueled with power factors in Taiz Governorate, specifically in the south of the governorate, Al-Hujariya areas.

Al-Hujariya has turned into a theater for extremist and unrestrained militias and gangs since the assassination of the commander of the 35th Armored Brigade, Adnan Al-Hammadi, and the subsequent invasion of Al-Hujariya and the opening of the area for the formation of Hammoud Al-Mikhlafi’s camps, the positioning of Muslim Brotherhood forces and their militias, and recently the arrival of Al-Qaeda and ISIS groups.

The reason for the Brotherhood’s insistence on dismantling the 35th Armored Brigade, assassinating its commander, and invading Al-Hajaria, is evident, as Al-Hammadi and the 35th Armored Brigade’s forces were protecting Al-Hujariya, the south, and the western coast from the presence of Brotherhood militias on the outskirts of the coast and the southern gate of Lahj governorate.

The Brotherhood and their old/new alliance with extremist organizations and leaders are re-writing a new chapter of terrorism, but this time from a spot that until recently was protected from evil conspiracies until the plan to settle terrorism was completed after the assassination of Brigadier General Adnan Al Hammadi.