Taiz Police announces the arrest of the main suspect in the case of blackmailing activist Sarah Alwan

English - Thursday 03 November 2022 الساعة 06:13 pm
Taiz, NewsYemen, special:

The Taiz police announced that they had arrested the main suspect in the case of blackmailing activist Sarah Alwan, and said that they were pursuing the rest of those involved.

The police said that they are investigating the young man, "Amjad Watheq Al-Maqtari", who lives in Asafra, and his name was mentioned in the accusations of activist Sarah Alwan.

 According to the police, the case was under consideration by the Criminal Investigation Department from the date of May 12, 2022, with the aforementioned "Sarah Alwan" being blackmailed by unknown local and international numbers starting from the date of February 5, 2022, and the specialists began investigation and follow-up procedures and gathering evidence until it was possible to identify the identity of the blackmailer.

It explained that after determining the identity of the blackmailer, Sarah's father asked to stop the procedures on August 29, 2022, on the grounds of reconciliation efforts, given that the "blackmailer" is from the neighbors of the victim's family home.

On Wednesday evening, community activist Sarah Alwan attempted suicide by shooting herself with a pistol in the center of the city of Taiz because of the blackmail she was subjected to in private.

After her suicide attempt, the activist was taken to Al-Thawra General Hospital, where she is undergoing treatment.

According to a medical source who told NewsYemen, Sarah Alwan's condition is stable, and the injury she sustained is between the shoulder and the heart, indicating that she has lost a lot of blood.

Sarah Alwan is a community activist who lives in the Asaifra neighborhood and works in the charitable field, especially with cancer patients and orphans.

After her suicide attempt, social media buzzed about the incident, denouncing the blackmail process against Sarah, and blaming Taiz security, as the victim resorted to the security authorities and did not find any response from them.

Activists said in their comments on the incident, that her case should not pass silently and should be a starting point for a societal campaign that confronts cases of extortion after its catastrophic increase in recent times.

They added that such issues require joint cooperation between society and the state

 Above all, awareness is required, whether the girls’ awareness, or the parents’ awareness, trust and understanding, and not letting their souls become victims of those who do not know what is forbidden.

 Lawyers and jurists demanded the establishment of a law to combat extortion and cybercrime, which shows indicators and facts that many victims of women and girls are subjected to blackmail, threats, incitement, insults and slander in various fields in our Yemeni society.

 They stressed the importance of forming an advocacy campaign and effective women's organizations to pass a law that protects a large group and segment of society exposed to various types of violence due to the absence of accountability mechanisms and the weakness of legal protection mechanisms and legislation.