Houthi war on education.. Schools without seats and others about to fall

English - الأربعاء 16 نوفمبر 2022 الساعة 04:51 م
Sana'a / Dhamar, NewsYemen, exclusive:

Students sit on the ground, in schools without seats, and other schools are about to fall over the students' heads. This is the case of many schools in the areas under the control of the Houthi militia - the Iranian arm in Yemen.

The school of the militant Mujahid Abu Shawareb in the Sawan neighborhood in Sana'a is one of the public schools that struggles to provide an appropriate educational environment at its minimum level in the era of ignorance and deprivation, despite the suffering of teachers as a result of the militia's confiscation of their salaries for the seventh year in a row and the militia's refusal to provide school curricula despite their distortion and sectarian dyeing and the obligation of parents  to buy them from the black market.

 And educational sources reported to (Newsyemen) that about 700 students in the school of the fighter Mujahid Abu Shawareb in the Sawan neighborhood are still taking their lessons since the beginning of the first semester of the current year 2022-2023 sitting on the ground They sleep on the floor, without chairs, while they are sitting on the tiles in the merciless winter, which doubles the possibility of them getting sick as a result of the cold.

Likewise, the students of Imam Al-Shawkani Governmental Elementary School in Dhamar city face more severe suffering as a result of the lack of tables and chairs for them, in the hope that they will protect their young bodies from freezing when the temperature reaches minus 3 degrees.

 As for the Mohammed al-Iraqi government school in Al-Marawa’a district in Al-Hodeidah governorate, its situation is worse, as its roof is about to fall on the students’ heads.

A Yemeni student platform, quoting the school's teachers, called for intervention in order to rehabilitate the school before its roof fell on the heads of the students who continue their education there.

 Educational sources in Sana'a indicate that the leadership of the Houthi militia, since its coup, has confiscated allocations from the government budget for education in public schools in its regions, despite the deterioration of the schools' conditions and their increased needs during the war years.

The Ministry of Education in Sana'a enjoys huge sums of money and unlimited support from international donor organizations, led by UNICEF, in order to develop the education process, but the militia exploits it to ideologize and sectarianize school curricula.