Shabwa tribes reject the presence of the Brotherhood camps in Aarin and demand the Presidential Council to intervene

English - الأربعاء 16 نوفمبر 2022 الساعة 05:48 م
Shabwa, NewsYemen, exclusive:

 The people of the eastern districts in Shabwa governorate called on the Presidential Council to remove the rebel forces loyal to the Muslim Brotherhood from the Aarin area in the Armaa district, adjacent to Marib.

Tribal anger increased following the developments carried out by the forces in the region, and the tribes see that these forces are rebellious forces against the presidential decisions, demanding that they be expelled from their country.

Rebel forces loyal to the Muslim Brotherhood set up camps in the Arin region, located between the governorates of Shabwa and Marib, after they were expelled from Ataq after attempting to overthrow the legitimate local authority.

Many terrorists and gangs resorted to this force after the security campaigns launched by the southern forces in the governorates of Abyan and Shabwa last month.

The Brotherhood forces in Aarin impose illegal sums of money and royalties on the trucks.

Truck drivers published pictures of bonds. The points scattered in Aarin force them to pay large sums of money to allow them to pass, while the refusal cars seize their loads and double the collection.

Truck drivers complain that the soldiers blackmail them and force them to pay sums for all points in violation.

The tribes of Armma held an open sit-in to demand the removal of the forces, affirming their rejection of the armed mobilizations carried out by the forces rejecting the presidential decisions.

The people of the Arama district indicated in their protest stand that the eastern districts are an integral part of Shabwa governorate and will not accept camps that are not under the authority of Shabwa.

The people of the eastern directorates demanded from the Arab Coalition and the Presidential Council to move the Aarin camps from their areas and transfer them to Marib, indicating that their areas will not be a shelter for the rebels.

The citizens held the Arab Coalition and the Presidential Council responsible for what would happen if their demands for the transfer of these camps from their country were not met.

The tribes threatened to escalate and open all options if the demands were not met.

In its last periodic meeting, the executive body of the Shabwa Transitional Council affirmed its solidarity and full support for the tribes in the face of the movements undertaken by the Brotherhood forces in the desert region of Aarin.

 The conservative transitional statement called on the Arab coalition to take a firm stand against these armed Brotherhood gatherings.

The sheikhs and notables of the Himyar tribes in the southern districts of Shabwa governorate affirmed their support for the open sit-in in the Armaa district, to demand the Arab coalition and the Presidential Council to remove the camps of the terrorist Brotherhood militia from the Aarin area.

The Himyar tribes statement stated that all the people of the districts of Radum, Mayfa'a, Al-Rawdah and Habban support the sit-in in the Arin area, calling for a speedy response to the popular demands of the people of Shabwa governorate, the expulsion of the Brotherhood militia, and the non-establishment of any camps in the governorate.

And the people of the eastern districts in Shabwa continue, for the second day in a row, their open sit-in at the Arin junction, to demand the removal of the Brotherhood militia camps from the Aarin area.