Tariq Saleh and Taiz.. A different vision for liberation and change, or did brotherhood dance on the wreckage?

English - الخميس 17 نوفمبر 2022 الساعة 10:13 ص
Taiz, NewsYemen, Exclusive:

"Tariq and get us out of them"... This was the response of a motorcyclist in Taiz to his colleague's statement that the ban on the movement of bicycles starts from eight on Friday night, according to the decision of the security department in the province.

Cyclists say that the security dispute with Ghazwan is the reason for cutting off their livelihoods, while Al-Akhali knows where Ghazwan Al-Mikhlafi is and who is standing behind him and protecting him, but they hope for the close presence of the leader of the national resistance and his forces to end the Brotherhood’s domination or (the Islah, as the residents of Taiz pronounce it).

The majority of the residents of Taiz, including a large segment of the party's supporters, view Tariq Saleh as the option of the stage to save Taiz from the Brotherhood, and they even paint the scene of salvation militarily through the arrival of Tariq Saleh's forces to Taiz to liberate it from the Houthis and the Brotherhood together and end the reality imposed by their militias years ago.

The anticipation of the arrival of Tariq Saleh, as he appears in the mood of the street, is a wish for the return of the state and its institutions as they were before 2011.

This is what the majority of the people of Taiz believe will happen when the National Resistance Forces arrive in Taiz and the province begins a new phase away from the al-Feed gangs and the headquarters militias, the first chaos maker.

This voice of condolence seeking change and liberation together links the occurrence of this with the presence of military forces coming from the western coast to the city of Taiz, and it was loud during the Brotherhood escalation and the invasion of Al-Hujaria, as there were those who saw it as the most important opportunity to end the Brotherhood’s bullying and their crimes against the people of Taiz.

After the formation of the Presidential Leadership Council, the people of Taiz were very happy with the presence of Brigadier General Tariq Saleh among the members of the council, and they raised the ceiling of their expectations that the train of change would move in their province from the window of official action and through quick decisions. The leader of the national resistance will have a pivotal role in adopting its contents for the benefit of the people of Taiz.  among the people strongly.

The presence of many Taiz residents within the National Resistance Forces reinforces the people's desire for a pivotal change in Taiz governorate, after the Brotherhood monopolized the army and security for individuals affiliated with them, or loyal to the Brotherhood leaders, or with the acclamation of these leaders.

And because the Brotherhood is aware of what is going on in the street and people’s assessment of their presence in the army and security as real rulers for the eighth year in a row, they have opened lines of communication with the western coast and sent messages of love to the leadership of the national resistance, even if they are deceitful.  Guards of the Republic after he was a criminal in the past.

While the people of Taiz are waiting for Tariq Saleh and his forces to arrive in Taiz to liberate it from the Houthis and the Brotherhood, or to use his presidential powers to impose a real and radical change in the structure of the military, security and local leadership in the governorate, he notes that the leaders of Taiz were quick to reach Al-Mokha in an attempt to contain any changes he awaits.  Al-Ta'izzi Street is blown by the winds of the West Coast.

 There is no other option that the people of Taiz see available to rid them of the absurdity, chaos, corruption and terrorism of the Muslim Brotherhood except Tariq Saleh and his forces, and that any talk about keeping the situation as it is or forging a formal reconciliation is nothing more than a confirmation of the influence and uniqueness of the Brotherhood and their hegemony over Taiz.

What the people of Taiz do not wish for is that their bet on Tariq Saleh to rid them of the Brotherhood’s terrorism is more like one-sided love, and that the brothers who fought and killed their opponents in Taiz on charges of having relations with Tariq, could jump next to the brigadier general and persuade him to stay on the western coast, which they rejected.  In it, in return for letting them punish the people in Taiz, this time on charges of refusing their alliance with Tariq.

Taiz is waiting for liberation from Houthi, and it will not be liberated from Houthi until the end of the Brotherhood era and their corruption and futility.