Militias impose fees on private schools in Sana'a

English - السبت 19 نوفمبر 2022 الساعة 06:37 م
Sana'a, NewsYemen, exclusive:

The leaders of the Houthi militia imposed sums of money on private schools in Sana'a, in implementation of the decision of the Education Bureau, which is run by the militias, which stipulated that exams for students of grades six, seventh, and eighth be transferred to central tests that are prepared by the Education Bureau and distributed to all schools.

 The militia leaders in the Education Bureau in Sana'a had decided to transfer the examinations of students of grades six to eight in private schools from special tests for schools to central tests. The Education Bureau would formulate questions and distribute them to schools and supervise the testing and correction process, and this includes all subjects except for subjects taught in English such as  Mathematics, Science and English.

The militias began to implement these procedures with regard to the exams for this semester, which began at the beginning of the week, as the exams witnessed a focus on questions related to the amendments with a sectarian dimension that the militias added to the education curricula, especially those related to allegations of statehood and incitement of youth to jihad behind the leadership of the militias and praising the slogan of the Houthi cry as well as incitement on neighboring Arab countries.

Educational sources in Sana'a told NewsYemen: The Education Office in Sana'a imposed on private and private schools to pay financial fees in exchange for preparing test questions, as well as supervising and correcting them, indicating that the militia leaders informed the administrations of private and private schools that the results of the tests and the averages that the students of those schools would receive  It will be the criterion for its evaluation process.

 The sources added that these Houthi measures began to be negatively reflected in the keenness of the private school administrations to carry out a systematic process of cheating for their students in subject tests whose questions were set centrally in order to show their success in front of the militia leaders and thus not allowing the latter to blackmail them financially in return for threatening the results of the evaluation in the event that the percentage of their students failed.  High, and at the same time appearing to parents that they are successful schools and thus preserving the preparation of students who study in them. Rather, it may come to raising tuition fees in the coming years by school administrations under the pretext of facing the obligations of centralized examinations.

And educational sources told NewsYemen earlier that the militia leaders made it clear during their meetings with school principals that their goal of centralizing the tests is to assess the teachers’ commitment to teaching students the information included in the lessons that the militias added to the school curriculum, which mostly focus on information about their doctrine and their allegations about  The concept of guardianship and divine right, and the sanctification of some religious or political figures whom the militias consider to be references, such as Imam al-Hadi al-Rassi, Imam Muhammad bin al-Qasim, the founder of the militias, Hussein Badr al-Din al-Houthi, his father Badr al-Din al-Houthi, the current militia leader Abd al-Malik Badr al-Din al-Houthi, and other personalities about whom the militias have provided information  In exchange for deleting information about Yemeni personalities, historical heroes, and political leaders.