Accumulating positions and refusing to relinquish them.. Brotherhood behavior messing with Marib

English - Sunday 20 November 2022 الساعة 10:16 am
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On the sidelines of the dispute that erupted last month between the Marib authorities and the activist Tawakul Karman over the name of a school for the deaf and dumb;  A picture of the tampering practiced by the Brotherhood in the governorate has been apparent for years, seeking to transform it into a mini-state of its own.

The dispute that erupted between the Brotherhood activist and the director of the Education Office in Al-Abab Governorate, who also holds the position of Deputy Minister of Education;  He shed light on the phenomenon of stacking positions and confining them to the hands of the Brotherhood in Marib, and refused to give them up.

A phenomenon that explains the strong insistence that Sultan Al-Arada, a member of the Presidency Council, is currently showing in refusing to relinquish the position of Governor of Marib, which he has held for 8 years.  In implementation of the consensus that took place within the Council, its members relinquished their executive positions;  In light of this, a new governor was appointed for Hadramout and the second military region last August, to replace the member of the Presidency Council, Major General / Faraj al-Bahsani.

Obsession with positions and stacking them in Marib is not limited to al-Arada and al-Abab;  Rather, it has become more like a behavior rooted in the Brotherhood’s authority in the governorate.  With the aim of confining it to a very narrow circle of the elements of the group;  This was recently raised by activists from Marib on social 


Where the activists published a list of names of Brotherhood leaders, the number of positions and tasks assigned to them, and some of them are from outside the governorate;  At the top of the list is the deputy governor, Abed Rabbo Moftah, who heads, in addition to his position, the committees (relief, tenders, oil and gas, and lands), in addition to his supervision over the organizations, the executive unit, and the health bureau.

In addition to the agent, the rest of the list is confined to the Al-Arada office, which practically monopolizes the tasks of the executive offices through the so-called “technical office”, a position invented by the Brotherhood to fully manage and control the governorate.

The Brotherhood office is headed by Ali al-Jabal, director of the Arada office (as a member of the leadership council);  In addition to his position as Assistant Undersecretary at the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation;  The man also holds several positions in Marib, including director of the gas station and head of the services committee;  a representative of the governorate with the Saudi Reconstruction Programme;  He also supervises the administration of the Public Works Office and the Improvement and Cleanliness Fund.

While the rest of Al-Arada's office staff (the office manager and his assistant; the financial officer; the press secretary);  The rest of the tasks and institutions in the governorate and all the projects implemented by the organizations or those funded by the government on the civil, security or even military side.