Authority to plunder revenues and impose levies.. Epidemics strip the Brotherhood organization in Taiz

English - الأربعاء 23 نوفمبر 2022 الساعة 04:04 م
Taiz, NewsYemen, Exclusive:

Since the outbreak of the war sparked by the Houthi militia, the Iranian arm in Yemen, diseases have spread in the city of Taiz, especially dengue fever, which has become associated with the governorate.

Citizens complain of a greater severity of the disease during the last wave, amid accusations that the de facto authority in the city, which is affiliated with the Brotherhood's Islah Party, has been complacent in the face of the new wave of dengue fever.

Residents say that the various neighborhoods of the city are witnessing a wide spread of the dengue fever epidemic, except for the neighborhood of Jamal Street, which was not affected by the epidemic, as it is witnessing a political movement to achieve the interests of the Brotherhood.

And the sources add, since 7 years ago, the de facto authority imposed levies and appropriated humanitarian support to achieve its political goals, while ignoring the suffering of citizens, which is increasing day by day.

Doctors say, during the war period, private hospitals were supported, while government hospitals lacked the minimum health services. The most prominent medical personnel were also attacked, for example, the head of Al-Thawra Hospital, Dr. Ahmed Anam, and Dr. Nashwan Al-Hussam, who made a miraculous model in the health sector and turned Al-Jumhuri Hospital into the most prominent hospital in the world.  public and private level.

The de-facto authority took advantage of the war that Iran ignited, the flight of medical personnel from the city, and the resorting of other cadres to work in private hospitals. It exploited its influence to control the health sector and exploit the support provided by organizations to its advantage, most notably the Al-Rawdah and Al-Safwa hospitals.

There are more than ten private hospitals in the city of Taiz, of which Al-Buraihi Hospital, one of the most prominent hospitals, was closed under the pretext of medical errors, while dozens of errors occur in private hospitals affiliated with the Brotherhood, and no one talks about them.

During the war period, Brotherhood hospitals reaped billions of riyals under the name of treating war-wounded, whether by exploiting the King Salman Center or donors supporting the health sector.

Eight years, and the city of Taiz has been witnessing the spread of various diseases, most notably dengue fever, which is consuming the citizen both physically and financially.

The de facto authority did not establish a specialized center to treat diets from the funds provided by organizations and countries in the Arab coalition.

Newsyemen's editor visited hospitals in the city and noticed hundreds of patients sleeping in government and private hospitals, clinics and medical centers.

At Al-Safwa Hospital, Dr. Mortada Al-Huraish, a specialist in pediatric diseases, rotates for more than ten hours a day, and increases on days between ten in the morning until eleven in the evening, to treat feverish diseases.

Dozens of patients, including newborns, infants, and children between one and 15 years old, are crowded, waiting for their turn.

Dozens of parents talk about the epidemic that kills their children, including those who are transferred to intensive care after the deterioration of their health, and dozens of patients leave after receiving soothing treatments for the disease.

The number of cases registered with the health authorities in the city of Taiz has reached nearly 12,000, including 18 deaths, since the beginning of this year, according to the Health Office.

treatment expenses

Many families spend tens of thousands of riyals for examinations and treatment, and the treatment of a child is not less than 50 thousand riyals, not to mention other needs that families spend.

While hundreds of people infected with the epidemic are suffering from the pain of the disease in their homes because of their deteriorating financial condition or their lack of confidence in the quality of medical service in hospitals, and some of them lose immunity and enter into a coma to die, according to one of the doctors.

disease diagnosis

One of the workers in the laboratory department says that about 80% of people with a fever, which is believed to be dengue fever (negative), and that it is not dengue but a viral fever, as it is called.

He adds to NewsYemen that hundreds of cases infected with fevers, dozens of which arrive with serious complications to the hospital, including those infected with dengue fever and viral fever, which cause serious complications for the patient in the event of delay in treatment.

And the source continued, currently a third type of fever has appeared and is called the bronchitis virus, and this type of disease affects children by 90%, as the affected child is exposed to severe colds and also a high temperature, which reaches 38 degrees, in addition to a severe cough.

He said, despite the method of treatment for this virus, the temperature does not leave the patient and continues for days, during which children enter a coma.

The source explained that this type of disease is new in the city and kills patients every day.

A doctor at the Epidemiological Surveillance Center commented to NewsYemen that the continuation of the wave of rain that Taiz witnessed contributed to the revival of diseases in light of the spread of stagnant water pools producing mosquitoes in the streets of the city.

He points out that what the city is suffering from burning rubbish at the level of streets and neighborhoods exacerbates the suffering and the susceptibility to infection with epidemics and infectious diseases, especially among children and those with respiratory diseases.

Activists and journalists comment that Taiz is the largest population density in Yemen, besieged by the Houthi militia for seven years, while the Brotherhood’s authority exercised its ambitions and imposed levies and caused the collapse of the security situation, and what is happening in the city of its exploitation of armed gangs belonging to the Taiz axis to achieve its goals and fight them after the end  Its interests, perhaps the most prominent of which is its support for Ghazwan al-Mikhlafi in the clashes that erupted with the Abu al-Abbas group.

The de facto authority also deprived the city's residents of government electricity, established private companies, deprived them of water and gas, and established a black market instead.