The booby-trapped war continues.. A military commander and two of his companions were killed in a terrorist bombing in Shabwa

English - السبت 26 نوفمبر 2022 الساعة 11:36 ص
Ataq, newsyemen, private:

A prominent military commander in the forces of the First Brigade of Shabwa Defense and two of his companions were killed, as a result of the detonation of an explosive device, planted by terrorist elements beside a sub-road in the Al-Saeed Directorate, south of the city of Ataq, the center of Shabwa Governorate.

A security source told "Newsyemen": that a crew belonging to the forces of the 1st Brigade Defense of Shabwa, was subjected to a terrorist attack that left the moment it passed through a sub-road in the Musina'a area of the Al-Saeed Directorate, explaining that the explosion resulted in the killing of the commander of the second battalion in Major General Salem Al-Jabwani, and two of his companions,  While 3 other soldiers were seriously wounded.

The source indicated that heavy gunfire was heard after the explosion of the explosive device, explaining that the Shabwa Defense Forces stationed in Al-Musayna'ah raised the state of alert and readiness and began combing a number of areas within the region, which was considered a major stronghold of Al-Qaeda in Shabwa.

Since its purification operation by the Shabwa Defense Forces last September, the Musina'a area has witnessed a series of terrorist attacks through high explosive devices, which are planted beside the roads to target any security movements.  These treacherous attacks resulted in the killing and wounding of a number of soldiers.

The terrorist attack in the Musina'a area coincided with the Shabwa Defense Forces' ability to thwart another attack in the city of Ataq, through an explosive device that was planted on a main road.

And the Shabwa Defense Forces stated, through its Twitter account, that a specialized engineering team managed to dismantle an explosive device, placed on the main road at the western entrance to the city of Ataq, after the first explosion that led to the martyrdom of Major al-Jabwani and his companions.

The Shabwa Defense Forces confirmed that, within a month, they were able to dismantle a number of explosive devices that were planted near public lines and near checkpoints belonging to the forces in Ataq and other districts.

According to the security sources in Shabwa to "NewsYemen", the explosives planted by members of the terrorist al-Qaeda organization, which were dismantled, are very similar to the local explosives manufactured by the Houthi militia and planted on the contact lines and residential areas close to the fighting fronts.

The sources pointed out that the explosives that were dismantled were camouflaged and resembled stones, and used the same remote detonation technique, which confirms that the factory for making these explosives is the same.  She stressed that the booby-trapped war taking place in Shabwa reveals the truth about the strong relationship between the partners of terrorism represented by Al-Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Houthi militia.

The terrorist elements resorted to the booby-trapped war in order to respond to their heavy losses and defeat them from their most prominent strongholds in the governorates of Shabwa and Abyan, following qualitative military operations carried out by the southern forces during the past months.