Al-Qaeda defends its hideouts in Abyan and Shabwa

Al-Qaeda defends its hideouts in Abyan and Shabwa

English - Sunday 04 December 2022 الساعة 09:40 am
Abyan, newsyemen, private:

 The cleansing of the main strongholds of al-Qaeda in the governorates of Abyan and Shabwa represented a heavy blow to terrorism and the forces of evil supporting it, after years of security and safety in those hideouts that represented training camps and a starting point for carrying out organized terrorist operations.

Since last August, the southern forces, as part of the "Siham al-Sharq" operations in Abyan and the "Siham al-Janub" operation in Shabwa, have been carrying out large-scale cleansing campaigns, which led to securing many sites and valleys in the two governorates, and completely purging them of terrorist elements that had holed up for years in those dens.

The Omran Valley in Abyan, and Al-Musina'a in Shabwa, are among the important sites that were secured by Operation Arrows of the East and Arrows of the South.  The two sites are of great strategic importance and their loss is a heavy blow to the organization.  This was confirmed by the repeated statements of the terrorist organization after clearing the valley and the Musina'a area, and by promising a booby-trapped war to respond to this defeat.

 Terrorist targeting operations focused on the forces stationed largely in the Omran Valley and Al-Musina'a, and the past few days recorded the implementation of a number of treacherous attacks, the latest of which was the injury of 4 soldiers, including a military officer, in the explosion of an explosive device planted by al-Qaeda members, on a side road in Omran Valley.

A security source told "NewsYemen": that a military vehicle belonging to the forces of the 199th Infantry Brigade was subjected to a terrorist attack with an explosive device while it was passing through a side road in Wadi Omran, east of Mudiya district, in the center of Abyan, explaining that the explosive device was camouflaged and matched the explosive devices manufactured by the militia.  Houthi with the help of Iranian experts, and it was detonated remotely the moment the military crew passed by.

The attack resulted in the injury of 4 soldiers, including an officer holding the rank of captain, while joint security and military forces deployed additional forces in the valley, which is one of the most important former strongholds of al-Qaeda in Abyan governorate.

 According to the commander of the 199th Infantry Brigade, Brigadier General Abd al-Khaliq al-Hushbi, the crew was on a military mission outside the brigade, and was targeted by an explosive device, which resulted in the serious injury of Captain Ali Imad Ghaleb and 3 members of the crew, after which they were transferred to Lawdar and Aden hospitals.  Stressing that these despicable acts will not discourage the security and military forces from continuing the war against terrorist elements.

He explained that the members of the brigade and all the joint forces were found to defend the land and fight these forces outside the law and order.

The attack on the forces stationed in the Omran Valley in Abyan, coincided with double attacks in the same way, targeting the Shabwa Defense Forces in the Musina’a area, killing about 3 soldiers, including a battalion commander, and wounding a number of other soldiers.

According to observers, al-Qaeda is striving to carry out treacherous attacks in the main strongholds from which it was expelled by the southern forces, with the aim of highlighting its presence only.  They affirmed that the recent security campaigns of the southern forces achieved qualitative victories against terrorism and the forces of evil affiliated with and funded by it.

The observers explained: The terrorist elements are trying to send a message that they are still present in their main and important strongholds in Abyan and Shabwa.  Noting the importance of the security forces participating in Operation Arrows of the East and Arrows of the South move to carry out sweeping operations in the main dens that were recently liberated, and to intensify patrols and security movements to paralyze the movement of terrorist elements and their sleeper cells that were tasked with planting explosive devices and targeting security forces.