From Washington's platforms to a chat on Twitter.. disappointment for the Brotherhood and Karman

English - Tuesday 17 January 2023 الساعة 06:25 pm
Aden, NewsYemen, exclusive:

 Brotherhood activist Tawakkol Karman and a number of Yemeni leaders close to the group returned to attack the role of the Arab coalition in Yemen and the Presidential Leadership Council, a week after she organized a political event in Washington, DC.

 On Sunday, Karman organized a discussion space on Twitter;  To discuss the statement of the so-called "Washington Conference", which was organized by its affiliated institution in the American capital on the ninth of January.

Karman hosted in the audio discussion space the personalities who participated in the event, led by Deputy Speaker of Parliament Abdulaziz Jabari and former Minister of Transport Saleh Al-Jabwani.

Karman, in addition to Jabari and Al-Jabwani, repeated the same phrases that were mentioned in their speech at the previous event, in which they attacked the Presidential Leadership Council and the role of the coalition in Yemen.

Observers considered the return of these personalities to discuss the statement of the so-called "Washington Conference" as clear evidence of the extent of the failure of the conference and its failure to achieve the expected resonance, and the neglect it received from political circles, and among Yemenis on social media.

 They emphasized that the rush of Karman, Jabari, and Al-Jabwani to organize a discussion space on Twitter about the conference reflects the extent of the disappointment they experienced due to the lack of any impact on the event, despite the preparation for it for months, and the choice of the American capital, Washington, to hold it.

They pointed out that the Brotherhood's attempt, through this event, to blackmail the coalition under the banner of peace and hold it responsible for the humanitarian situation in Yemen alongside the Houthi group, has become unacceptable rhetoric in international circles.

They said that three months of the Houthi group's rejection of all UN and international efforts to extend the armistice, despite all the concessions made by the coalition and the Presidential Leadership Council, generated a complete conviction among the international community that the party insisting on the option of war in Yemen is the Houthi group.