Sources for "Newsyemen": A new exchange deal between Al-Qaeda and the Houthis includes 26 elements

English - Thursday 19 January 2023 الساعة 10:21 am
Aden, NewsYemen, exclusive:

 "NewsYemen" obtains special details about negotiations conducted by the Houthi militia - Iran's arm in Yemen, and the terrorist al-Qaeda organization to complete a prisoner exchange deal between the two parties during the month of January.

The information obtained by "Newsyemen" revealed that the new exchange deal has been taking place since November 2011 AD, and it is assumed that it will be concluded, according to the agreement, in January of the current year 2023 AD.  The sources indicated that the deal includes the release of 17 members of al-Qaeda in exchange for the release of 9 members of the Houthi militia.

The sources pointed out that the negotiator of the terrorist Al-Qaeda organization, Abdullah Ali Alawi Muzahim, nicknamed "Al-Zarqawi", held several meetings with the Houthi militia's negotiator, Mohammed Salem Al-Nakhai, "Abu Anas."  It was agreed between the two parties that the deal would be concluded in January.

NewsYemen obtained the names of a number of Al-Zarqawi's list, who will be released from prisons in the areas controlled by the Houthi militia.  Among them (Mayad Mahmoud Aqlan Al-Hammadi - Ali Awad Muhammad Ahmed Al-Aqili - Abdullah Ali Naji Al-Hawri - Marzouq Ahmed Muhammad Ahmed Abu Sir Al-Aqili - Adel Tariq - Walid Al-Razaki).

Since its seizure of power, the Houthi militia has concluded numerous exchange deals with the terrorist al-Qaeda organization.  These deals resulted in the release of members and leaders of the organization who were detained in Sana'a prisons against the backdrop of a series of terrorist attacks and operations in Yemen before 2011.