Between "Younis Al-Matari" and "Ahmed Maher"... a false humanity that exposes the falsity of Brotherhood activists

English - الأحد 22 يناير 2023 الساعة 01:53 م
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For the fourth month, journalist Younes Sadiq al-Matri has been languishing in a prison affiliated with the Brotherhood’s Islah Party in Ma’rib Governorate, northern Yemen, amid the refusal of his jailers to refer him to the parliamentary authorities and courts on the malicious charges that were fabricated against him against the backdrop of publishing a number of corruption cases of Brotherhood leaders in Marib.

Al-Matri, a journalist, is being held in the Military Police prison in the city of Marib, and his health condition is poor and deteriorating due to the ban on visits and the use of mobile phones to communicate with his family, who have been trying to check on his health since his arbitrary arrest months ago.

According to the sources, the journalist Younes Al-Matari has no relatives in the city of Ma’rib who are following his case, and all his fault is that he published a number of corruption acts practiced by Brotherhood military leaders in the Al-Ruwaik sector in Ma’rib, to be arrested and thrown in prison without being presented to the Public Prosecution and brought to trial.

Humanity double standards

The journalist Younis Al-Matari is being subjected to in the prisons of the Brotherhood in Marib, including kidnapping, fabricating charges, preventing him from visiting him, depriving him of communication and using the mobile phone.  Brotherhood journalist Ahmed Maher, who is being held in the capital, Aden.

A torrent of statements and declarations of solidarity and denunciation are still published in Ahmed Maher's case, although he was referred to the parliamentary authorities for investigation against him on the background of the charges against him and in a legal manner, and visits were not prevented from him or even the use of mobile phones to communicate with his family members to ensure his safety and health

Activist Abd Rabbo Al-Awlaki expressed his surprise at the humane handling of the cases of "Younis Al-Matari" imprisoned in Ma'rib and "Ahmed Maher" imprisoned in Aden, pointing out that there is a double standard in dealing with the two cases, even at the level of their detention site.

Al-Awlaki said, in a post on his Facebook page: "The journalist, Younes Sadiq al-Matari, has been imprisoned in Marib for four months because of his criticism of corruption, and his jailers refuse to present him to the Public Prosecution. On the other hand, Ahmed Maher publishes on his account and was presented to the Public Prosecution, which interrogated him and took his statements. He is officially imprisoned and visits are permitted!!  ".

He asked, "Where are the media professionals, men and women activists, about El-Matri, and why is double standards in false humanity your right, or is he a poor Daban who does not have a Lexus with him, and what is the location of the prison in Aden?"

The Brotherhood's hypocrisy about humanity

Recently, the trial of the Muslim Brotherhood journalist, Ahmed Maher, was postponed in Aden due to circumstances beyond the control of the security services.  Brotherhood activists and their affiliated media sought to take advantage of this to launch a frenzied media campaign against the security services and the judiciary and spread lies and slander in order to target the Transitional Council and the UAE in standing behind obstructing the session.  On the other hand, the journalist Younis El-Matari, who is not loyal to the Brotherhood, did not receive any solidarity, advocacy statements, or even posts on social networking sites that sang in defense of human rights.

What is happening to "Al-Matari" is not far from his fellow journalist, Yahya Al-Yanaei, who has been detained for months in the Brotherhood's prisons in Ma'rib, on the background of publications critical of the organization and revealing information related to the liquidation of leaders in the national army.

Media and human rights advocates deliberately ignored the cases of Al-Matari and Al-Yanaei, who were kidnapped in Marib prisons, while the Brotherhood's human rights compass is directed only to the liberated southern regions and advocates for detainees in the southern governorates.

The media, Sarah Abdel Jalil, points out, in a post on her Twitter, that the prisons of the Brotherhood are full of innocent people and fabricate malicious charges against them, especially against those who violate the Brotherhood’s approach and even against their soldiers who violate their approach.

She said, "A crime that has not been reported. Journalist Younis Sadiq al-Matri has been imprisoned in Marib for four months. Where are the male and female activists on al-Matri? Why is double standards in false humanity your right or is he poor?"