International moves to confront Iran anger its militias in Sana'a

English - Tuesday 07 March 2023 الساعة 05:53 pm
Aden, NewsYemen:

 Recent international moves to confront the smuggling of Iranian weapons and drugs into Yemeni territory have angered the terrorist Houthi militia, Iran's armed arm in Sana'a.

The smuggling operations that were recently thwarted were linked to the coasts of Al-Mahra, which is adjacent to the Sultanate of Oman, one of the supporters of the Houthi militia, which prompted the international naval forces to move to secure the coasts of Al-Mahra and limit smuggling operations.

A few days ago, a high-ranking American delegation visited Al-Mahra Governorate, to discuss efforts to combat smuggling and terrorism, and to support the Legitimacy Support Coalition and the security and military authorities, which began from an early age to combat smuggling and clamp down on the Houthi militia.

The political bureau of the Houthi militia, far from the de facto authority in Sana'a called the "Political Council", issued a statement expressing its anger at these moves, which it claimed represented a serious and blatant assault on Yemeni sovereignty, while the presence of the leaders of Hezbollah and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard in Sana'a does not represent any  An encroachment on Yemeni sovereignty.

 Although the American delegation discussed in Al-Mahrah the coordination of efforts to combat Iranian smuggling to Yemen through the coasts of Al-Mahra, which represents military cooperation carried out by most countries of the world, the militias in Sanaa considered this matter a betrayal and went on to claim that this visit aims to sell and rent Yemeni coasts and islands.  

The Houthi militia said that it rejects and condemns the American moves and foreign activities in Al-Mahra, but at the same time it does not reject the Iranian moves that caused the country to enter a war that has been going on for eight years.

The militias also prompted the political parties and forces loyal to them to issue such statements confirming their concern about the international movements that are clamping down on them and preventing the arrival of any shipments of Iranian weapons or drugs through the eastern ports adjacent to the Omani coast.