Official report: Decrease in common public resources as a result of diverting oil derivatives ships to Hodeidah

English - Saturday 11 March 2023 الساعة 02:31 pm
Aden, NewsYemen, exclusive:

A report by the Ministry of Local Administration revealed a decrease in the total joint public resources collected for the past year 2022 , by 16% compared to the previous year 2021 . 

The report indicated that the total shared public resources collected during the fiscal year 2022 amounted to 1.7 billion riyals, compared to about two billion riyals for the year 2021, with a decrease rate of (16%), while the estimated linkage to this resource amounted to 14.8 billion riyals, which reveals the size of the loss in  achievement.

According to the report, the shortfall in the total joint resources collected last year was the result of a number of factors, on top of which was the negative impact that some government agencies suffered from the decision to allow oil tankers to unload their cargoes at the port of Hodeidah, according to the armistice agreement with the Houthi coup militia.

Pointing out that the fees imposed on imported oil derivatives are considered one of the most important resources for those authorities, which the law specified at (30%) of their resources belong to the administrative units (shared public resources).

The report said: One of the reasons for the decrease in the volume of joint resources is that some airlines stopped practicing their activities during the past year, and some of them failed to supply the fees added to the tickets for departures from the airports of the Republic through those companies on a monthly and regular basis.

The report points to another reason, which is the Houthi militia's continued control over communications resources due to the telecom companies' headquarters remaining in Sana'a, as it says that these companies supply the fee added to mobile phone services to subscribers, which is specified at (5%) of the value of mobile phone consumption, to  The Central Bank in Sanaa, which is subject to the militias.

The report indicated that, during the past year 2022 AD, the Ministry informed the Central Bank of Yemen in Aden of transferring the shares of (liberated) administrative units from the shared public resources.  without distribution due to poor collection.

The report revealed that the ministry has given the capital, Aden, special importance when submitting to the Council of Ministers a draft proposal for the distribution of common public resources by giving it a special criterion (the emergency criterion) as it is the capital, and it was given a specific percentage that is unique to it and not other administrative units.