A day after he was targeted .. Nabil Shamsan arrives in Taiz through Al-Kadha

English - Sunday 26 March 2023 الساعة 09:11 pm
Taiz, NewsYemen, Exclusive:

Local sources reported that the governor of Taiz, Nabil Shamsan, arrived in the heart of the city today, by toiling in which, on Saturday, he was targeted by drones belonging to the terrorist Houthi militia, Iran's arm in Yemen.

 The sources told (NewsYemen) that Shamsan's arrival to the heart of Taiz city via (Al-Kadha - Al-Bireen) road came after securing the road and bypassing the threat sources created by the terrorist Houthi militia.

Shamsan's arrival in Taiz via this road, a day after he miraculously escaped an attempt to target him, represents a challenge to the Houthi militia, which continues to obstruct peace efforts through its terrorist crimes with booby-trapped drones and rocket-propelled grenades.

 The convoy of the governor of Taiz, Nabil Shamsan, was targeted in the Al-Kadha area on Saturday, while he was returning from the city of Mocha, after his participation in a military meeting chaired by a member of the Presidential Leadership Council, head of the Political Bureau of the National Resistance, Tariq Muhammad Salih, and the presence of the Minister of Defense, Lieutenant General Mohsen Al-Daari, and the Chief of the General Staff, Lieutenant General Sagheer bin Aziz, and a military delegation from the Arab coalition headed by Major General Sultan Al-Baqami.