After Bin Mubarak's statements... Cairo imposes new conditions on the entry of Yemenis, and the embassy clarifies

English - Friday 31 March 2023 الساعة 12:12 am
Aden, NewsYemen, exclusive:

 The Egyptian authorities announced the imposition of new conditions for the entry of Yemenis into their lands, days after a statement by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriate Affairs, Dr. Ahmed bin Mubarak, in which he affirmed Yemen's solidarity and support for all the steps taken by the Ethiopian government in order to move the wheel of development and achieve security, stability and prosperity that the Ethiopian people seek.

 It is believed that the Egyptian authorities interpreted this statement, which came during a meeting between Juma bin Mubarak and the Ethiopian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Damaki Mekonnen Hassan, on March 20, as Yemeni support for Ethiopia’s directions regarding completing the Renaissance Dam project at the source of the Nile River, which means depriving Egypt from its legitimate share of the Nile waters.

According to the circulated circular, the new conditions included allowing entry of Yemeni citizens coming to the country directly from Yemen (for the purpose of treatment), without requiring prior entry visas, to be added, provided that documented medical reports are submitted from one of the accredited government hospitals in the country.

 With regard to allowing entry of Yemeni citizens arriving in the country from the ports of arrival accompanied by exempt parents (over the age of fifty) without requiring them to obtain prior entry visas, the aforementioned exemption is canceled and the necessity for all Yemeni nationals coming to the country from the age group (16-50) years to obtain an entry visa in advance.

The circular issued by the Passports of Cairo International Port stated: “With regard to authorizing our diplomatic missions in the countries: (the United States of America - the European Union - the Gulf Cooperation Council), granting prior entry visas without security approval to Yemeni nationals residing in any of those countries, provided that they have residency and return valid for 6 months.

 The circular referred to the authorization of Egyptian missions abroad to grant entry visas without security approval to Yemeni citizens wishing to enter the country for the purpose of treatment, provided that the seriousness of this is confirmed.

He stated that "the aforementioned exemption is canceled and all Yemenis of the age group (16-50 years) are required to obtain prior entry visas with security approval. As for those coming for treatment, this is added by submitting documented medical reports from one of the government-accredited hospitals in the country."

 The Egyptian decision comes after similar measures imposed by the State of Jordan about a month ago, as it stipulated that Yemenis coming to its lands for the purpose of treatment obtain a medical report from a hospital inside Jordan and canceled the medical reports that patients from Yemen used to extract.

Activists believe that the Egyptian measures come against the background of the Egyptian government's dissatisfaction with Ben Mubarak's statements in Ethiopia in light of the escalation of differences between Egypt and Ethiopia over the Grand Renaissance Dam, and they considered that the visit does not serve the interests of Yemenis and Yemen in general.

Abdul Rahman Moazeb, a member of the Yemeni Parliament, asked in a post on his Facebook page, “What are our common interests with Ethiopia, compared to Egypt, for the foreign minister to visit Ethiopia?

He added, "There is no way to compare. 

Our relationship with Egypt is fraternal and strategic. Egypt is from us and we are from Egypt. The visit of the Foreign Minister to Ethiopia does not reflect the Yemeni people."

He concluded his post by saying: "Our foreign minister did not solve any issue for the Yemenis. But for the Hornet, you who are quick to raid."

In the context, the Yemeni embassy in Cairo issued an explanation regarding the new procedures, in which it confirmed the continuation of the old mechanism regarding medical reports for those coming from Yemen for the age group between 16 and 50 years, and the possibility for those over fifty years and less than sixteen to enter directly from the Egyptian entry points without a prior visa, regardless of the destination, as was the case in the past.

 The embassy stated that the new conditions included the period of free residence, which was reduced from six months to three months. It is granted free of charge for the first time and is renewed every three months with financial fees.

 For those with study residency, their annual residency will continue with the same previous mechanism, and for permanent residency holders, the multiple exit and re-entry visa will be for six months instead of a year.