Samira Marsh.. a dangerous terrorist on the list of Houthi prisoners

English - Sunday 16 April 2023 الساعة 10:30 pm
Aden, NewsYemen, exclusive:

 The Houthi militia, Iran's arm in Yemen, published a list of the names of its members who were released from Ma'rib Governorate, on the third and final day of the exchange deal that was agreed upon under UN auspices with the government side in the Swiss talks last month.

 The disclosure of the Houthi Committee for Prisoners' Affairs included the names of 105 members of its followers who were arrested and captured in the battles in Ma'rib Governorate and neighboring fronts.  

Among the Houthi captive list is Samira Marsh, who has been detained by the security authorities in Marib Governorate for nearly five years, on the grounds that she leads a Houthi women's cell for planting explosives and explosive devices and targeting military and civilian figures loyal to the government in Marib and Al-Jawf.

Commander Marsh is the only woman included in the recent prisoner exchange agreement, which included the release of 887 prisoners and detainees from both sides.  She was arrested while she was heading a cell specialized in planting explosive devices in Al-Jawf and Marib in July 2018.

According to security investigations in Al-Jawf and Marib, the Houthi leader, Samira Marsh, is the most dangerous member of the criminal cells that were seized along with 32 members during the previous years.

Marsh's name appeared in many records of investigations with the defendants and Houthi cells, where the leadership assumed responsibility for recruiting many women, the marginalized and the poor in exchange for money, and pushing them to carry out terrorist operations by planting camouflaged explosive devices in the form of bags of sewing machines or stones, and leaving them in separate locations near the military barracks and the front lines in Al-Jawf and Marib.

 It also runs a terrorist cell consisting of a group of women, specialized in bringing explosive devices from Houthi areas to liberated areas, through various methods and methods.  Investigations also revealed that the same leader participated in the manufacture of explosives and IEDs with members of her cell, and her mission was to camouflage the explosives and sprinkle them with dirt-like material, as she herself planted an explosive device near the police station in the city of Al-Hazm in 2018.

It also contributed, according to the information, in cooperation with members of its cell, in planting the explosive device in front of a restaurant in Al-Hazm City in the month of Ramadan 2018, which claimed the lives of many innocent citizens, in addition to having contributed to many other crimes, in addition to recruiting members of its sleeping cell, and recruiting them to carry out  acts of vandalism.

The Yemeni activist, the head of the Women for Peace Coalition in Yemen, Noura Al-Jarwi, said that the only woman included in the April 2023 prisoner exchange deal is the Houthi Samira Marsh, who was arrested on charges of bombing a market in the city of Al-Hazm, Al-Jawf Governorate, which killed 25 officers and soldiers in the process.  National Army.

Al-Jarwi indicated that "it was agreed to release Samira in exchange for the release of the four journalists sentenced to death in Houthi prisons."