Al-Hadi in Sana'a and Al-Hubaishi in Ibb.. Iran's arm reaches the conquest of Yemen's territory

English - Monday 15 May 2023 الساعة 07:01 pm
Sana'a, NewsYemen, Exclusive:

The terrorist Houthi militia, Iran's arm in Yemen, continues to carry out a series of looting of the state's lands and real estate in its areas of control through its leaders, who have violated the state with all its capabilities under religious names with the aim of achieving wealth.

In the latest burglary and looting, informed sources in Sana'a told (NewsYemen) that the Houthi leader Abd al-Basit al-Hadi, impersonating the governor of Sana'a, and the director of his office, the nickname "Abu Zakariya al-Fasih", forcibly extended their control over a land belonging to the endowments, an area of fifty bricks, which is located near the al-Huthili tour. On the main road, the entrance to the Dar Al-Haid area, south of Sana’a, they removed it from the general plan and turned it into a private property under the pretext of disbursing it to people doing administrative work in the governor’s office.

The sources indicated that the aforementioned sold a number of endowment lands, state real estate, and part of a land owned by the Cleaning and Improvement Fund in the governorate, which is located near the governorate building now. Its area is large and years ago it was a building for the governorate.

The sources stated that the burglary affected a farm belonging to the Agriculture and Irrigation Office in Sana’a Governorate in the Queen’s Village, with an area of one thousand two hundred bricks, which was transferred to the private property of Nafez al-Houthi, in addition to laying on the lands of the endowments in the Marwan area, the roundabout of the fortieth circle, the nest, Beit Lahida, and a plot of land estimated at 80 square meters. A brick was dropped, a building permit was issued, and it was converted from land belonging to the endowments to land for investment, and it was sold to an investor for a large amount of money.

The sources also revealed that Al-Hadi stole sums of money that were donated to build a government complex in the Beit Bous area and used them in land trade, in addition to selling land in Qaa Al-Qaidi that was allocated during the era of the late President Ali Abdullah Saleh to build a government university.

In Al-Mahweet, north of Sana'a, local sources reported that a Houthi enforcer attacked land owned by the branch of the General Water Corporation in the Al-Dhahar region, and seized it by force of arms, amid the complicity of the government and security authorities under the control of the Houthi militia, Iran's arm in Yemen.

As for the Ibb governorate, many burglary incidents were recorded, most notably the sale of an old cemetery from the Awqaf lands in the Bani Wael district of the Hazm Al-Adain district, to an investor named Muhammad Al-Jabri, the son of the leader. Brothers Abdul Rahim Al-Jabri, former head of Al-Sanabel Association.

A local source told (Newsyemen) that Al-Jabri, after buying the cemetery land, turned it into a yard for cows and livestock, and a wastewater outlet for the house of one of his relatives, out of spite for the people of the area who submitted complaints to the Waqf in order to remove this development in the cemetery land out of respect for the sanctity of the dead, but without a response.

In the context, two Houthi activists, "Hamoud Qassem Al-Hamidi" and "Hamoud Al-Sami'i", assaulted the location of the people of Al-Khawaja, which is a waqf land located in the Waraf area of the Jableh district, and they began building a room on the land by force of arms, despite judicial directives to control the aggressors and prevent disposal or creation of it.

Houthi also attacked the endowment land located in the Dahatath area in the Al-Mashnah district, the city of Ibb, the center of the governorate, and began building on it with the complicity of the endowment and Works offices in the district.