Burning ship near the port of Mukalla

English - Monday 15 May 2023 الساعة 07:04 pm
Mukalla, NewsYemen, exclusive:

A sudden fire broke out in a small transport ship, off the port of Mukalla, Hadramout Governorate, southeast Yemen.

A navigational source in the port of Mukalla told "NewsYemen": that a wooden ship "Ibri", intended for fishing, was subjected to a sudden fire accident while it was stopping near the port, explaining that flames and fumes rose heavily from the ship, amid the survival of the ship's crew after being rescued by the forces. Coast Guard in Hadramout coast.

The source indicated that the Mukalla port administration and the Coast Guard forces received a report of a fire in the cockpit of a wooden ship parked near the port, pointing out that military boats belonging to the Coast Guard forces moved immediately towards the location of the fire and rescued his crew.

According to the statement of the Director General of the Mukalla Directorate, Brigadier General Abdullah Bayashout, that the fire was caused by an electrical short circuit inside the cab. Pointing out that the ship lacks safety tools inside the fishing boat, all the crew rushed to jump into the sea water to escape from the fire.

The government official stated that the coast guard forces were able to rescue the ship's crew and remove ships and fishing boats from the vicinity of the site. He stressed the need for the competent authorities to oblige the owners of large fishing boats (abari) to provide safety means to protect the accompanying crew, especially in the event that they are at sea.

The competent authorities in the port of Mukalla were unable to put out the fire due to the absence of a fire-extinguishing pump in the tugboat, tugboat, or marine tugboat, or what is known as the "crown".

Brigadier General Bayachot confirmed that there is no such pump in the "crown" tugboat, which shows its importance in such accidents, especially if it is near the port basin, pointing out that the Board of Directors of the Yemeni Arabian Sea Ports Corporation directed the need to return the tugboat (the crown) to Dubai for work. Maintenance and adding a water pump to avoid such accidents during the coming period.