Arabic writer: Weak "legitimacy" strengthens Houthi control over northern Yemen

English - Tuesday 16 May 2023 الساعة 05:29 pm
Aden, NewsYemen:

The Lebanese writer, "Khairallah Khairallah," believes that "the conditions are suitable for a serious discussion of restoring the state of the south in Yemen, especially since there is no indication that the Houthi militia abandoned the political entity that they established in the north of the country."

Khairallah added, in an article entitled "Restoring the State of the South in Yemen...and the Challenges," that "the establishment of the Houthi entity, in and of itself, is a goal for Iran, and its fate seems to be linked to a large extent, with a major change taking place within the" Islamic Republic "which is still clinging to its expansion project in the region.

And he added, "This means that the Houthi entity will remain in existence, just as the Hamas entity in Gaza is, as long as the existing Iranian regime is alive and well."

He pointed out that there is no indication of the dissolution of the Houthi entity in the foreseeable future, despite the absence of any political, economic or civilizational elements for this project, which made Iran a foothold in the Arabian Peninsula.

He explained that there are several reasons for fear of the Houthi project in Yemen in light of the absence of any real ability of "legitimacy" to thwart it, noting that the latter's weakness reveals the Houthis' ability to maintain their control over northern Yemen. Especially on Sanaa and the port of Hodeidah, which allows them to have a presence on the Red Sea.

He said, "It is difficult to predict whether there will be conditions in the future that allow northern Yemen to get rid of the Houthi grip in the absence of effective forces that can confront the Houthis on the one hand and the absence, or the absence of forces, that can confront them on the ground on the other hand."

He likened the Houthi entity in Yemen, which is close to nine years old, to the entity established by the "Hamas" movement in Gaza, which is about sixteen years old, and said that "there is no one who is able to confront it (i.e. the Hamas entity), especially in light of the Palestinian" legitimacy ". It is similar to Yemeni "legitimacy" in many aspects.

While the Lebanese writer considered what was issued by the southern consultative meeting recently held in Aden at the initiative of the Southern Transitional Council, as "a healthy phenomenon in light of the loss of hope of returning to Yemen one day."

He said: The conference was "a turning point in the course of the southern movement demanding the restoration of the state of the south, and the beginning of a new political movement aimed at unifying the southern front and facing the upcoming challenges on the Yemeni level as a whole."