Houthi summer centers in Hodeidah... stopping the activities of private institutes and massive mobilization of students

English - Sunday 21 May 2023 الساعة 10:25 am
Hodeidah, NewsYemen, Hadeel Muhammad:

The leaders of the terrorist Houthi militia in Al-Hodeidah Governorate have intensified their movements during the past days, to mobilize thousands of students for their sectarian summer centers, in their endeavor to continue booby-trapping young people with terrorist ideas, taking advantage of peace efforts to recruit more children, to use them as fuel for their upcoming battles.

And the Iranian arm in Yemen issued directives to the technical and vocational institutes of the governorate under its control, to stop their activities during the summer vacation, and to push students to join the summer centers affiliated with the militia in service of its terrorist project.

Directors of institutes and centers for Hodeidah received directives from the Houthi leader, Hassan Abdel Bari Al-Ahdal, who was appointed by the militia as director of the office of the Ministry of Technical Education and Vocational Training in the governorate, to prevent promotional advertisements for any programs or activities, and to work to urge students to join the Houthi summer centers.

The Iran-backed Houthi militia is working to attract and mobilize more than a million students in the areas under its control. During the summer vacation, luring them to its summer mobilization centers, as part of its plan to obliterate the national identity of the new generations, brainwash them with extremist ideas and turn them into tools for its terrorist project and war against the Yemenis.

The Houthi militia launched its sectarian summer centers for this year in the areas under its control, targeting 1.5 million students in 9,100 open and closed schools.

According to educational sources, this year, the terrorist militia opened closed summer centers for children from the age of six to eighteen, most of whom are tribesmen, the poor, and families living below the poverty line. Where she keeps them in these centers throughout the day and night until the end of the school holidays, where they receive intensive mobilization and sectarian lessons.

The sources indicated that the militia printed more than five million sectarian books, along with the lieutenant of Al-Sarea Hussein Al-Houthi, the brother of the militia leader, which is distributed to students free of charge in summer centers.

The coup militia wastes billions of riyals annually in favor of its summer tactical centers, while it continues to cut employee salaries for the eighth year in a row.