Oil wealth.. The slogan of unity for Al-Houthi's speech on the anniversary of "The Scream"... Speech analysis

English - Thursday 25 May 2023 الساعة 09:36 am
Sana'a, NewsYemen, exclusive:

In front of the reality that is taking shape in the south, the features of a new phase emerge after years of wars it waged, and after Iranian marches were launched by the Houthi militia on the oil fields and export ports in Hadramout and Shabwa. Which led to stopping its sale and depriving the government of revenues. Al-Houthi's speech comes on the occasion of the anniversary of what he calls "the scream" or the slogan that his followers have always repeated as a card of affiliation with these militias, to specify this speech at this difficult time that the issue of unity with the south is related only to what is related to wealth petroleum.

Al-Houthi tried to give a human rights character in his speech about this wealth, oil and all minerals, and that it is the wealth of the Yemeni people, and that he would not hesitate to use military force, as he said: "The decisive military action will be taken against every attempt to plunder the wealth of the Yemeni people in any of the governorates of Yemen." On land and sea, and not only at the level of oil and gas, but also the sovereign national wealth, including minerals. Everyone understands and knows that the real goals of Al-Houthi are to obtain wealth, and in the face of that, he will not hesitate to launch a military attack on the south, and he will not hesitate to fight battles that will achieve his goal.

Unity is a linguistic term that does not represent in the Houthi dictionary anything but a semantic expression of the existence of oil wealth in the south, and the south in the Houthi mentality is a geography that cannot be subjugated if it does not get its share of the wealth, and the people in the south, as Houthi always defines them in his speeches, are a group of "mercenaries." Not citizens, and also as his followers define them as not of Yemeni origin, and that they belong to Indians and Africans by virtue of geographical proximity. This is the Houthi definition of unity, the south and society there.

The threat to use military force against the south is not the first, and it will not be the last, launched by Al-Houthi. Despite this, he is closely monitoring the progress made by the south in fortifying and building its military forces, as Al-Houthi realizes that the ground battle with the south will not be feasible, as the battle of 2015 still has its scars. Prominent in Houthi politics, but Al-Houthi is trying to transfer the battle to another strategic framework represented by the drones provided by Iran and the Houthi groups are trained to use it, and sometimes Iranian experts are involved in operating it and carrying out strikes.