Summer centers... booby-trapping children and dismantling society

English - Sunday 28 May 2023 الساعة 03:46 pm
Sana'a, NewsYemen, exclusive:

Under the slogan "Education and Jihad", the Houthi group is working to employ summer vacations for students of schools and vocational and technical institutes, to push children into what are known as summer centers, which aim to sectarianize societies and create a human herd that deals with them as fuel to reinforce its war against the Yemenis that has been going on for nine years.

The Houthi strategy of booby-trapping children's brains and booby-trapping their ideas has gone beyond its confinement to the young themselves, to include this time parents, which is the most dangerous method for the Yemeni society and family, as it aims to attract the parents who are closest to their children.

Exploded childhood

While the tools of Iran's arm are different to attract Yemeni children and mobilize them to its sectarian camps, observers believe that the courses of the summer centers imposed by the Houthi group on students of schools and vocational and technical institutes in the areas under its control are an intellectual mining process that will plunge Yemen into cycles of violence for decades.

The Tehran-backed militia works, through the so-called summer centers, to feed schoolchildren and institute students, with its sectarian slogans, and to develop violent and hate speech, through doctrinal approaches that turn them into ticking bombs.

In this context, journalist Yaqoub Al-Sami'i says: "Certainly, this massive mobilization of children practiced by the Houthi group seasonally is very frightening, and means that the group mortgages the country's future to wars and cycles of violence for decades to come."

Al-Samei added, in the context of his interview with "Newsyemen": "On the social level, we, as observers, do not lack revealing examples of how children who receive Houthi propaganda turn into very obedient violence machines in the hands of the Houthis."

He pointed out that: “When a child’s mind opens up to a number of hostile beliefs that imagine the world as a group of evil forces that stalk and conspire against it, and imagine society as misguided, weak, incompetent and in need of forced correction, and imagine the family as a chain and a barrier against jihad and national and religious liberation.” His commitment to the world, society, and family fades away.”

He said, "Therefore, the child seeks consciously or unconsciously to undermine these human structures instead of coexisting with them, and his commitment is limited only to his group that has implanted these beliefs in his head."

Mining the community

The sectarian orientation of the Houthi group, which was met with social rejection by the Yemenis, prompted it to proceed with the project of forcibly implanting its orientation within the Yemeni society and family, to work through this orientation to dismantle society and mine generations.

In this context, journalist Salah al-Jundi says: "The Houthi group seeks, through the so-called classroom centers, to strike social cohesion among Yemenis and create sectarian and sectarian differences."

Al-Jundi added, in the context of his interview with "Newsyemen": "In addition to the existential threat that the summer centers pose to Yemeni society and its cohesion, at the same time they do not exceed more than being camps for recruiting Yemeni children and students in the areas under its control, to exploit them in its war that has been going on for years."

He pointed out that "the Houthi sectarian group seeks to take root among the Yemenis, while trying to promote Iran's anti-peace ideology, in order to create a fertile environment for itself to multiply, which will fuel sectarian and sectarian conflict between the people of the same country."

He continued, "This group was not satisfied with distorting the school curricula, but rather seeks to contaminate the brains of young people with its extremist ideology intensively and directly, through these centers, and it is no secret that the militia has been pursuing this scheme since its control of Sana'a."

And he added, "Nine years of massive infusion of hate speech that children and school students receive in Houthi-controlled areas, which is enough time to create an entire generation believing in its extremist ideology, which means that it has succeeded in stuffing itself within this society in a way that will be difficult to eradicate from it."

He pointed out, "The group's strategy of instilling its ideology, imported from Iran, was not limited to summer centers and school curricula only, but went beyond that to reach the parents and guardians of these youngsters, as part of its continuous efforts to control the Yemeni family and promote the mullahs' output."

He said: "This approach must be matched by social awareness, and this awareness can only grow through the approach of the Sharia side to strengthen it, whether through its media discourse, or by feeding the right thought in schools in the areas under its control, and the Ministry of Education."

Al-Jundi believes that the Houthi group's project aims to dismantle Yemeni society and replace the beliefs of the Yemenis with an imported heritage that completely contradicts the signs of peace aimed at stopping the war and ending the ongoing crisis since the date of their coup against the state in 2014.