Al-Qaeda drones.. Al-Houthi reinforces terrorism in Yemen

English - Monday 29 May 2023 الساعة 10:39 am
Shabwa, NewsYemen, exclusive:

In mid-December of the year 2022, Al-Qaeda managed to seize a shipment of drones, which was under the protection of a military force loyal to the Brotherhood on the international road linking the governorate of Marib and Wadi Hadramout, in southeastern Yemen.

The military statements, at the time, confirmed that the incident was planned after the truck left Marib towards Wadi Hadramout, where the shipment of drones was delivered in a planned ambush on Al-Abr road, after targeting the military force charged with protecting it.

The fall of the drone shipment represented a turning point in developing the capabilities of the terrorist organization in Yemen, especially after the painful strikes against its main strongholds in the liberated southern governorates.

Unlimited Houthi support

The shipment of drones and their delivery to the elements of the terrorist organization was not far from the plans of the Houthi militia, which facilitated the arrival of this support through smuggling lines coming from Iran through the Yemeni coasts under its control or the Omani borders.

The military sources indicated that the shipment of Iranian aircraft was originally on its way to the Houthi militia, but the shipment was diverted in cooperation with the Brotherhood military forces in Marib and Wadi Hadramout in favor of Al-Qaeda as a strategic support to save the organization from collapse and fall after strikes and security campaigns in Shabwa and Abyan, noting. He pointed out that the Houthi militia, through Iranian experts, contributed to the training of a number of al-Qaeda elements to install and use drones to launch suicide attacks against the liberated areas.

The sources said that al-Qaeda's possession of drones constitutes a dangerous development, not in relation to the war against terrorism in Yemen, but rather a threat to neighboring countries and the world, which will be subject to suicide attacks through these aircraft, which are characterized by stealth, maneuver and attack.

Yemeni intelligence sources said that al-Qaeda in Yemen has received, during the past period, unlimited military support from the Houthi militia at Iranian behest, with the aim of striking the military and security forces in the liberated governorates, especially the governorates of Abyan and Shabwa, which are witnessing large-scale operations to defeat terrorism and purify its hideouts.

According to the intelligence information, the Houthi support included specific weapons and camouflaged explosive devices, but the support reached the reinforcement of the organization with drones, and modern electronic circuits and parts for transmission and reception that were developed locally by the Houthi militia through Iranian and Hezbollah experts who are present in an operations room in Sana'a. 

The sources pointed out that the modern devices that were sent to Al Qaeda include modern control devices for drones. Modern remote detonators are used to detonate explosive devices that are manufactured by the Houthis and planted to target the movements of the southern forces participating in the "Syham Al-Sharq" and "arrows of the south" operations in Abyan and Shabwa. In addition, some devices that were sent to the base are intended for making camouflaged explosive devices. Some of these devices were seized near security and military checkpoints in the two governorates.

It confirmed that Al-Bayda governorate, which is under the control of the Houthis, has become at the same time a major stronghold for the terrorist organization and its elements fleeing the "Siham Al-Sharq" operations in Abyan and the "Siham Al-Janoub" operations in Shabwa.

 The intelligence sources indicated that the al-Qaeda organization in Yemen was unable to develop its military capabilities during the last period, in light of the defections and confusion of its elements and the lack of funding, which prompted the leaders of the organization to create a channel of communication with the Houthi militia in order to obtain financial and military support to continue and survive. The support was evident in the release of the organization's members in Yemeni prisons, as well as the handing over of areas in Al-Bayda to the organization to manage and rearrange its ranks. Not to mention the unlimited military support in return for targeting the liberated areas and striking the southern forces.

Shabwa first goal

A few days ago, Al-Qaeda in Yemen claimed responsibility for the air attack that targeted a military site belonging to the Shabwa Defense Forces, in the Musina'a area in the Al-Saeed Directorate, southwest of Shabwa Governorate. The attack was carried out using a drone that is identical to the planes used by the Houthi militia, which were manufactured by Iran. The terrorist operation resulted in the wounding of the Staff of the Major General, Commander Ahmed Al-Suleimani.

And accounts affiliated with Al-Qaeda, on social media, leaked previous data confirming that the organization carried out a previous attack about a month ago, targeting the Shabwa Defense Forces stationed in the Musina'a area, after the process of securing and cleansing it within the "arrows of the south" late last year.

The planes that carried out the two attacks are identical to the drones that were captured by the organization in December of last year. This confirms that the organization was able to operate these drones with the help of the Houthi militia and Iranian experts who manage drone operations in Yemen.

The Governor of Shabwa, Sheikh Awad Muhammad bin Al-Wazir, responded to the double terrorist escalation against the Shabwa Defense Forces, by stressing that the local authority is continuing its steps to enhance security and stability and combat terrorism.

The governor Ibn Al-Wazir appreciated all the sacrifices made by the leadership, officers and personnel of the Shabwa defense brigades in order to preserve the security and stability of the province and the tranquility of its people. He stressed that these terrorist acts will not discourage the heroes in the security and military forces from establishing security and protecting all interests throughout Shabwa.

The governor, Ibn al-Wazir, called on the citizens to carry out their duty alongside their brothers in the security and military units, to miss the opportunity for the tools of terrorism, and to confront all their criminal plans.

big danger

Many activist analysts confirmed that the Houthi militia is trying, through developing the capabilities of the terrorist Al-Qaeda organization, to target the southern governorates, which have shaken off the dust of terrorism and thwarted the Iranian project targeting the region.

Activist Fahd Al-Khaliqi said, in a post on his Facebook page, that Al-Qaeda's possession of drones is a dangerous development and confirms the clear relationship between the Houthi militia and terrorist organizations to target the southern forces only. He added, "What Houthi failed to do in the south, he wants to achieve through his lackeys, but he will never have it."

While Sultan Al-Awlaki said that the terrorist Al-Qaeda organization’s acquisition of drones came with the support of the Muslim Brotherhood, who are trying to prevent the organization’s fall and strengthen its capabilities to continue threatening the southern governorates, explaining that Al-Qaeda in Yemen is the first terrorist organization to possess drones. Away from the terrorist organizations present in Syria and Iraq that did not obtain this system.

Al-Awlaki added: There is information about Al-Qaeda's possession in Al-Bayda specifically of 20 drones, which the Houthi militia presented as a gift and a token of friendship to the organization in return for exploiting this modern system against the south. This dangerous terrorist move will threaten the region and the world, and action must be taken to support the southern forces in order to thwart this dangerous scheme that will harm our brothers and friends.

Bashir al-Buraiki, a journalist in the Shabwa Defense Forces, confirms that the movements of al-Qaeda elements in Shabwa to escalate their attacks against the Shabwa Defense Forces, coincide with the movements of the Houthi militia on the border fronts, which confirms their support against the southern forces.

He said that the southern forces, led by the Shabwa Defense Forces, have raised their readiness in order to maintain security and stability, and to confront any attacks or plans that want to undermine Shabwa and its achievements and victories, especially in terms of combating terrorism and extremism.

Al-Buraiki indicated that the organization has lost its capabilities and armament, and is no longer able to perform its job and the mission assigned to it due to the painful blows it received during the past years.