Houthi escalation to loot agricultural and residential lands for Yemenis in the outskirts of Sana'a and forcibly displace its residents

English - Thursday 01 June 2023 الساعة 10:08 am
Al-Mocha, NewsYemen, exclusive:

A parliamentary report in Sana'a revealed serious legal and constitutional violations in the corridors of the General Authority for Lands, Survey and Urban Planning, amid increasing citizens' complaints about the seizure of vast lands of theirs in a number of governorates of the Republic.

A report prepared by a joint parliamentary committee of the (Justice and Endowments, Constitutional and Legal, and Codification of Sharia) committees confirmed the occurrence of human rights and legal grievances and violations against citizens as a result of the non-compliance of the (virtual) state institutions and bodies with the constitution and the laws in force.

In its session held on Saturday, May 27, 2023, the House of Representatives recommended the government - run by the Houthi militia in Sana'a - to oblige the General Authority for Lands, Survey and Urban Planning to (adhere to the inventory and registration process for state lands and property in accordance with the procedures stipulated in the law).

In an indication of the randomness of the commission's work and its violation of laws, regulations and regulations, the government's mandatory recommendations included "expediting the completion of the real estate registry law that was withdrawn from the parliament and quickly submitting it to the parliament due to its importance in dealing with land and real estate issues."

The recommendations stated that "the government should oblige bodies and institutions to abide by the constitution and the laws in force in all financial, administrative and other aspects," while members of the House of Representatives stressed, in the context of their discussions, "the importance of achieving justice for citizens, facilitating litigation procedures, and resorting to the constitution and laws."

Houthi escalation on the front of the plundering of Yemeni lands

Attention is directed to the armistice negotiations and efforts to establish peace and reduce the burdens on citizens by paying the salaries of employees, opening roads, and reducing the prices of oil derivatives, foodstuffs, transportation wages, and electricity and water tariffs. The Houthi militia - the Iranian arm in Yemen - is going to intensify its aggressive war operations to plunder citizens' lands and seize thousands of hectares of residential and agricultural areas and public markets in several governorates under flimsy pretexts and illegal and unconstitutional pretexts.

SAM Organization for Rights and Liberties said, late last year, that the Houthi group is practicing a gross violation of the right of ownership of citizens residing in the Mathbah, Al-Sunaina and Sa’wan areas in Sana’a, and the districts of Hamedan, Bani Matar and Bani Hashish, the outskirts of Sana’a, stressing that the expropriation of private lands and property and the imposition of restrictive conditions that impede the enjoyment of Citizens have the right to build, modify and benefit from it, which constitutes a gross violation of the basic rights guaranteed by both international and Yemeni law.

Entire residential neighborhoods in the Aser area

In a related context, the Houthi militia claimed to own the lands of the neighborhoods of the "Asr" region, west of the entire city of Sana'a, which are vast residential, commercial and agricultural lands owned by the residents of the region for thousands of years, and from time to time the Houthi militia uses (virtual) state agencies to carry out intimidation campaigns against the residents of the region It tries to extract written confessions from the people that they do not own these lands and homes.

The Houthi militia is looting, fencing, and confiscating large areas of land owned by government agencies, and others owned by residential and trade union associations and citizens, in the areas of "Naqm, Sa'wan, Sarf, Shamlan, Attan Wahda, Al-Ashash, Asr Al-Khamseen, Beit Baws, Beit Sabtan, Haziz, Amad, Al-Alam, Rima Hamid, and Hamedan."

And 75,000 bricks in Wadi Al-Jadab

In January 2023, the militia launched an armed robbery campaign on citizens’ lands in the Bani Matar district, west of Sana’a. The area of these lands was estimated at about (2,200 bricks) owned by the sons of Beit Al-Maqili and Beit Shaaban, while the Houthi militia claims that the lands belong to the family of Beit Hamid Al-Din, who is What the people deny is that they have documents proving their entitlement to those lands and properties.

Likewise, the Houthi militias seized the lands of Al-Rawda farm affiliated with the Ministry of Agriculture, and a farm in Bani Hashish belonging to the General Authority for State Lands and Real Estate, with an estimated area of 1,500 bricks.

Under the names of fake and misleading projects, the Houthi militia is seeking to rob about 75,000 bricks from the citizens' agricultural lands in Wadi Al-Ja'adib in the Bani Matar district, while the group was unable to restore the streets and close the excavations spread on the surface of the roads, claiming to seize these lands for what it calls the regional line, the land port, dual streets and lands The misleading, the green, and the comma, which are fake names through which the group seeks to circumvent the rights of citizens, confiscate their property, and deprive them of cultivating and using their lands.

Flagrant violations of human rights and guaranteed rights

The people of Bani Matar accuse the judges of the Bani Matar Court of complicity and legitimization of the looting operations carried out by the leaders of the Houthi militia and its enforcers of land grabbers and looters in their efforts to rob their lands and farms, considering the burglary of their lands and depriving them of cultivating and using them under any name is a war crime, forced displacement and flagrant violations. Yemeni laws and constitution, international law, human rights, and relevant international covenants and treaties.

In addition, the SAM organization stated that the Houthi group seeks to confiscate and re-own large areas of land and extract it from its owners under false pretexts and allegations that they are lands belonging to endowments or that they are plans for fake projects, or that they were owned by the state, which greatly affected civilians and threatened thousands with forced displacement. .

And she confirmed that she had received dozens of complaints about expropriation of property and depriving dozens of people from building, or depriving thousands of people from farming or benefiting from selling, which the organization considered blatant and unacceptable violations and a clear assault by the Houthi group on guaranteed and protected rights.