The Houthis are facing their military defeats in Al-Dhalea by escalating the kidnappings of civilians

English - Wednesday 07 June 2023 الساعة 08:50 pm
Al-Dhalea, NewsYemen, Exclusive:

During the last period, the joint forces in Al-Dhalea Governorate, south of Yemen, were able to thwart many of the attacks launched by the Houthi militia - Iran's arm in Yemen - on the governorate's areas.

The militias escalated their indiscriminate shelling and failed attempts to infiltrate military sites, not to mention the targeting operations they carry out through their drones by bombing everything that moves.

The unprecedented escalation, through which the Houthi militia sought to compensate for its repeated setbacks and defeats on the battle fronts and in direct confrontations with the southern forces.

Military sources in Al-Dhalea reported to "NewsYemen": that the Houthi militia was unable to achieve any victory in the confrontation with the steadfast southern forces on the battle fronts in various military axes and sectors. Explaining that the thwarting of its plans in Al-Dhalea prompted it to adopt dirty terrorist methods to respond to the defeats, with the aim of raising the collapsed morale of their elements.

During the past few days, the militia launched a mortar shelling operation on villages northwest of Al-Dhalea. According to the information, the bombing targeted citizens' homes with several shells by Houthi drones, and the attacks targeted the villages of Al-Mashareh, Battar and Al-Jub.

The Houthi drone's bombing also targeted a citizen's car in Batar, just days after a similar targeting of an ambulance in the Fakher sector.

After the failure of its military movements, the Houthi militia resorted to smuggling through campaigns of random kidnappings against citizens in villages under their control in the suburbs of Al-Dhalea. Amid malicious accusations against the abductees in order to appease them and force them to submit and implement their directives.

Local sources in Maris said that the Houthi militia carried out raids and kidnapping campaigns against the people and villages of the Maris area of Qa’tabah district, north of Al-Dhalea. The militias took the abductees on military vehicles to militia prisons and barracks.

The sources pointed out that the campaigns that targeted villages in Maris located on the front lines affected more than 18 citizens. They were transferred to militia prisons in the neighboring governorate of Ibb. She explained that the militia lives in a state of fear of what it describes as treason on the part of the people of those areas, as it does not have any incubator in those areas, and that there is widespread popular rejection of the militia's presence in their areas.

What the villages of Maris witnessed coincided with the continuation of the Houthi militia's siege on villages in the Al-Hasha district, north of Al-Dhalea, amid a campaign of kidnappings of more than 70 citizens, including 15 children.

Human rights sources in Al-Dhalea indicated that the Houthi militia is imposing a siege on the villages (Al-Ma'ahrah, Habibal Al-Mukadem and Al-Kharaba) in Al-Hasha district, amid escalating kidnapping campaigns against the people in those villages.

The sources added that the leadership of the Fourth Military Region affiliated with the Houthis led a military campaign against the three villages and besieged them with dozens of military vehicles and hundreds of armed men, and prevented the entry of food to the residents of the besieged villages, as well as kidnapped anyone who tried to leave the area.