The start of the Sheikh Zayed Water Project... popular support that broke the Brotherhood’s blackmail

English - Monday 11 September 2023 الساعة 06:16 pm
Taiz, NewsYemen, Exclusive:

 The Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan water project in the Al-Dabab-Talouq area of Taiz Governorate is one of the important development and service projects that are being implemented to end the stifling water crisis that Taiz has been experiencing since the beginning of the war and the siege imposed by the Houthi militia - Iran's arm in Yemen.

 The project comes with generous support from the United Arab Emirates as part of a package of service projects aimed at reviving the water sector in Taiz Governorate and the rest of the liberated Yemeni governorates.

 The director of the branch of the Water Corporation in Taiz, Eng. Samir Abdel Wahed, stated that the project includes drilling 10 wells, constructing a storage tank in the middle of the field with a capacity of 2000 cubic meters, a reservoir with a capacity of 50 cubic meters, a network for the villages of Talouq, and the installation of solar energy of 850 kilowatts for the ten wells with 10 generators and a control building.  

According to Abdel Wahed, a ductile pipe with a length of 12 kilometers and a diameter of 20 inches will be installed. At the end of the project, a giant storage tank with a capacity of 5,000 cubic meters will be constructed. The city will be supplied with fresh water at a rate of seven million liters of water per day.

 According to those in charge of the project, the necessary technical studies have been conducted to implement the project, which represents a lifeline for the people of Taiz who are living through a suffocating and escalating crisis in drinking water, explaining that the construction work of the first phase has actually begun with the arrival of the excavators and heavy equipment assigned to work to complete the work of the well ceremony.

The Brotherhood sought to obstruct the project

 Despite the importance of the project and the solutions it will provide to end the water crisis experienced by hundreds of thousands of families living in the city of Taiz;  However, this did not prevent him from engaging in the agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood, which today is participating with the Houthi militia in besieging the city and obstructing all efforts aimed at alleviating the crises.

 During the past days;  A number of Brotherhood media outlets sought to inflame the situation in the Dhabab area and push citizens to come out against the establishment of the project under illogical justifications, including that the project will lead to the desertification of agricultural lands, and at other times deprive the people of the region of employment in the project, and other arguments related to the lack of studies and the plundering of water.  From the underground wells of the region.

 The Brotherhood’s moves to obstruct the implementation of the project were unsuccessful, as the sheikhs and notables of the fog region announced their support for the efforts made by a member of the Presidential Leadership Council - Head of the Political Bureau of the National Resistance, Brigadier General Tariq Saleh;  As well as the efforts of the United Arab Emirates to provide stable water projects that will alleviate the suffering of the people and alleviate the severity of the crisis that Taiz is experiencing in general.

Local and popular support

 The local authority in Taiz was quick to go to the Dhabab area and meet with the people to introduce the reality of the project, its importance, and how it will serve the people of the governorate, away from any political or partisan agenda, as some Brotherhood media outlets promoted it.

 The governorate delegation, consisting of the First Undersecretary of the Governorate, Dr. Abdel-Qawi Al-Mekhlafi, the Undersecretary of the Governorate for Defense and Security Affairs, Major General Abdul Karim Al-Sabri, the Undersecretary of the Governorate, Arif Jamal, and the Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior, Major General Muhammad Al-Mahmoudi, held an extensive meeting with the sheikhs and notables of the villages of Taluq, Bardad, and neighboring villages in the Dhabab area.  .

 The delegation of the local authority in Taiz praised the positions of the sheikhs, notables, notables, and residents of the Dhabab area for their cooperation in facilitating the implementation of the drilling works of a number of water wells that are being implemented in the Talouk area of Dhabab, funded by the UAE, to supply the city’s residents with water.

 The first deputy governor of the governorate, Dr. Abdel-Qawi Al-Mikhlafi, confirmed that all sheikhs, notables, notables, and residents of the Taluk, Bardad, and neighboring areas support the establishment of the strategic project that serves the people of the governorate and alleviates their suffering, saluting their support and cooperation in implementing this project and their appreciation for the water scarcity that the city has been going through since the beginning of the war.

 He praised the positions and efforts of Parliamentarian Sadiq Al-Dabab, the Community Committee, and their great role in facilitating and making this major project a success, which will contribute significantly to alleviating the suffering of citizens and achieving self-sufficiency in water.

 In turn, member of the House of Representatives and Chairman of the Community Committee, Sadiq Al-Dabab, affirmed his support and cooperation, along with all the people of the region, with the local authority in everything that concerns the public interest and in service to the people of the governorate, especially in the current stage that requires concerted efforts and overcoming any internal differences that may affect the increase in people’s suffering.