Tomorrow, Wednesday, a campaign will be launched to prevent the exploitation of the assassination of Moayad Hamidi

English - Tuesday 12 September 2023 الساعة 05:00 pm
Taiz, Newsyemen:

  Journalists, lawyers, activists, and public opinion elites are preparing to launch a human rights and media pressure campaign, tomorrow evening, Wednesday, to prevent the exploitation of the crime of assassinating UN official Moayad Hamidi, both humanitarianly and politically.

  The campaign, which was called #Reveal_the_Truth and has a platform on Facebook and X;  seeks to put pressure on the security authorities in Taiz to take serious steps to arrest the perpetrators and to support the tireless efforts of the Presidential Command Council in order to provide a safe environment for international organizations that are still based in Sanaa as their headquarters following the Houthi levies and blackmail methods they are exposed to.

The campaign also aims to restore Taiz's reputation and its cultural and civil status as an attractive model for development programs and humanitarian work and repels terrorism and extremist groups.

The coordinator of the campaign to reveal the truth, journalist Moaz Al-Maqtari, called on the communities and authorities of Taiz, the most densely populated city in Yemen, to mobilize and arrange a broader arrangement of roles and contributions and work together to achieve the just punishment that the killer of Muayyad Hamidi deserves, and to compensate for the humanitarian damages that resulted from the condemned terrorist crime.

 Al-Maqtari stressed the need to restore Taiz's reputation and its cultural and civil status as an attractive model for development and humanitarian work programs and repellent of terrorism, and to expedite the disclosure of the results of the investigations into the case of the assassination of Muayad Hamidi, in a clear, transparent and convincing manner, ensuring that the case is placed on a clear legal and humanitarian path.

 He called on the security authorities in Taiz to stop extrajudicial arrests, release detainees whose involvement in the crime was not proven and who were not wanted in connection with other criminal cases, and quickly refer those suspected of involvement to the Public Prosecution in accordance with the Code of Criminal Procedure and the Penal Code.

He also called on the United Nations and humanitarian organizations to make greater efforts with the Yemeni government to overcome the restrictions and obstacles that have returned to obstruct humanitarian work in the country.