The Houthi militia admits to draining the state's resources and threatens to resume the war

English - Wednesday 13 September 2023 الساعة 05:18 pm
Sanaa, NewsYemen:

 The terrorist Houthi militia, Iran's arm in Yemen, admitted to depleting the state's resources to increase its military armament, threatening to resume the war after the end of its celebrations on the occasion of the anniversary of the Prophet's birthday.

 This recognition came from the head of its internationally recognized government, Abdulaziz bin Habtoor, who said, according to what was published by Al Masirah, that his government only has revenues from the port of Hodeidah, bears the expenses of 49 fronts, and needs all aspects of spending, including weapons, ammunition, and so on.

 He claimed that his group is currently engaged in celebrating the Prophet’s birthday, and after that things are open to returning to square one, criticizing at the same time the impact of the Omani mediation, which he described as limited.

At a time when the areas under the control of the Houthi militias are witnessing popular unrest due to the non-disbursement of salaries, the Houthi militias boast of improving their military arsenal, which drains huge sums of state resources, in conjunction with their demand for the disbursement of salaries from the revenues of the liberated areas in which state employees and those displaced from the Houthi areas receive their monthly salaries regularly.