The banners of the Republic terrorize the tails of reaction... Popular insistence on celebrating the September 26 Revolution in areas controlled by Iran’s arm

English - Tuesday 26 September 2023 الساعة 05:46 pm
Sanaa, NewsYemen, exclusive:

In continuation of the state of popular unrest against the Imami militia - Iran's arm in Yemen, Sana'a and other major cities in the Houthi-controlled areas witnessed manifestations of desperate celebration of the September 26 Revolution, in a clear indication of the Yemenis' rejection of this group that is emergency to Yemen and its history.

Manifestations of celebration were embodied in citizens decorating their cars with the republican flag and a group of activists and citizens going out to Tahrir Square in central Sanaa to light the flame of the revolution on the eve of Revolution Day, but the militia police surrounded the place with security crews and soldiers, while some activists stated on social media sites that the militia police dispersed the crowd celebrating the revolution. Activist Fares Harmal, who was about to deliver the event's statement, was arrested.

In the rounds and intersections of the streets of Sanaa, the militia deployed heavily armed soldiers who removed the republican flags from the cars of citizens celebrating the Revolution Day, which removed the Imamate regime and eliminated the class differences that this regime had entrenched in Yemeni society for nearly a thousand years.

This Houthi mobilization against the celebrations of the September 26 Revolution comes four days after the militia celebrated the anniversary of its coup against power on September 21, 2014, a date that seemed clear from the beginning that the militia had planned well for it to be in the same month in which the revolution took place against its predecessors, the imams. But the course of events in the militia’s storming of Sanaa at that time did not help it complete its coup on the 26th of the month. The September 26 Revolution Day this year also falls a day before the militia celebrates the Prophet’s birthday (Rabi’ al-Awwal 12), an occasion that the militia did not hesitate to use in everything that serves its goals and sectarian orientations aimed at extracting loyalty and obedience from the Yemenis to what it calls “flags of guidance” belonging to the dynasty. The Hashemites are popularly described as (Al-Bayt).

Social media was filled with posts by activists and citizens celebrating Mother Revolution Day, September 26, and the publication of patriotic songs that glorify the revolution and expose the evils of the Imamate regime, which the Houthi militia is trying to revive again.

What exposes the Imami militia even more on September Revolution Day is that the militia’s Prime Minister, Abdulaziz bin Habtoor, had stated the day before Revolution Day that the September 26 Revolution would be officially celebrated and its flame lit on Monday evening in Tahrir Square “in conjunction with the people’s celebrations of the birth of the Holy Prophet,” but what The exact opposite happened.

Bin Habtour's statements came at a mobilization event that he attended with the leader of the militia, Muhammad Ali Al-Houthi, a member of the so-called Supreme Political Council affiliated with it. This event was announced as being in the name of the people of the southern and eastern governorates residing in Sana'a to mobilize them to attend the Prophet's Birthday event in Al-Sabeen Square.

Observers and activists on social media attributed this Houthi mobilization against citizens and activists celebrating the 61st anniversary of the September 26 Revolution, to the Imami militia’s fear that the state of popular unrest that has recently escalated against it will turn into a massive popular revolution, especially with its continued humiliation and starvation of the people.