Public education in Al-Turbah... blackmailing private schools requires government action

English - Wednesday 27 September 2023 الساعة 05:44 pm
Taiz NewsYemen, Special:

 Students in the city of Al-Turbah in particular and Taiz Governorate in general suffer greatly in terms of academic achievement, in light of the absence of government oversight of private schools.

 Parents of students in the city of Al-Turbah complained this year about the significant increase in school enrollment fees, which start from 300,000 riyals per student in the preliminary gareds and reach nearly one million riyals for the upper grades.

Parents are forced to send their children to private schools due to the decline in the level of education in public schools, which have also begun to impose exorbitant fees on those enrolled in their classes.

 Local sources in Al-Turbah revealed attempts by the local council of Al-Shamaytain District, to which Al-Turbah is administratively affiliated, to intervene and set a ceiling on fees in private schools but the latter did not adhere to the directives, basing its refusal on the failure of the Office of the Ministry of Education in the governorate and the district to carry out their supervisory duty to provide an appropriate environment with an acceptable value for education in private schools.

Parents of students considered what private schools were doing to be real blackmail in collusion with the Office of Education, adding that despite the fees being paid, their children were not receiving the educational attainment required to advance their knowledge.

 Parents accused some private schools of hiring unqualified teachers or non-university graduates in order to pay reduced salaries, stressing the need for serious government action to put an end to this suffering that would destroy the current generation by depriving them of education.