Human rights sources: The Houthis arrested a thousand citizens on charges of celebrating the September Revolution

English - Thursday 28 September 2023 الساعة 04:19 pm
Sanaa, NewsYemen:

 Human rights sources in Sanaa revealed that the Houthi militia - Iran's arm in Yemen, kidnapped about 1,000 citizens against the backdrop of their participation in celebrating the anniversary of the September 26 Revolution.

 Human rights activist, lawyer Abdul Majeed Sabra, reported that the Houthi group launched a massive kidnapping campaign against the people of Sanaa while they were participating in the celebrations of the 61st anniversary of the September 26, 1962 revolution. He explained that about 1,000 citizens are detained by the Houthi militias in the prisons of the police stations in Sanaa and the capital secretariat, against the backdrop of raising the flag.

Sabra added on his Facebook page: I went with fellow lawyer Mohamed Ahmed Abdel-Mughni to follow up on the case of the citizens detained inside the Jamal Jamil Police Department in Tahrir in order to release them.  However, the department leadership informed them that their detention was based on the directives of the Criminal Investigation Department, which confiscated their personal documents and even their mobile phones.

He explained: We met the young detainees who confirmed that the reason for their detention was because they raised the Republican flag, and that they were attacked without causing any chaos, as police department officials claimed. 

 They reported that their phones were taken by the Criminal Investigation Department after they forced them to cancel the password, and they still had their phones.”

Lawyer Sabra, who volunteered to defend the kidnapped people and follow up on their case, pointed out that the initial information obtained by security leaders in the Jamal Jamil Police Department is that the number of detainees reaches a thousand people distributed among the Sanaa and Al-Amanat police departments.

 He explained that the Houthi militias charge the detainees with inciting chaos, sabotage, and involvement with external entities and parties, which was denied by the kidnapped young men who went out to celebrate the revolution and raise the Yemeni flag.

The lawyer confirmed that there was a strong reaction by citizens due to the detentions carried out by the Houthis against the backdrop of citizens raising the republican flag.  Citizens raised the republican flag over means of transportation, cars, motorcycles, homes, etc., and in the hands of passers-by on the street, and national anthems sung loudly everywhere.

He added: "The Yemenis have broken the barrier of fear and are awaiting the hour of salvation from the Houthi imamate, which has returned the Yemenis to the eras of tyranny, racism, superstition, starvation and systematic impoverishment, while it lives in a bliss that they have never experienced before and boasts of luxurious palaces and buildings."