Yemenia Airlines threatens to stop its flights to Sanaa Airport

English - Saturday 30 September 2023 الساعة 06:03 pm
Sanaa, NewsYemen:

 Yemen Airways said that the practices of the terrorist Houthi militia are pushing it to stop its flights to Sana'a International Airport, noting that the militias have imposed illegal restrictions since last March on the company's accounts and balances in Sana'a, while demanding more flights to Sana'a Airport.

Al-Yemenia, according to a statement issued by it, said that its accounts controlled by the militias amount to $80 million, explaining that the ban on withdrawing the Yemenia company from its financial balances in Sana’a banks is linked to illegal and unreasonable demands and justifications, and has caused severe damage to the company’s activity, and it faces many challenges and difficulties.  

The company reiterated its commitment to the rules of humanitarian work first and commercial work second, and the importance of neutralizing the company from political conflict, as it is the only national carrier in the country.

It was revealed that the militias want to continue flights to Sanaa Airport and expand them from the resources of other airports, referring to the airports of Aden, Mukalla, Sayun, and most recently, Al-Ghaydah.

It added, "The Yemenia company informed the Houthis that their demand to open Sana'a International Airport to all international destinations is not within the company's jurisdiction but rather the jurisdiction of other parties, and that the company is prepared to operate flights from Sana'a Airport to any international destination provided that it obtains international operating permits."

The Yemeni company pointed out that it had submitted a proposal to lift the Houthi restrictions on its accounts and financial balances and withdraw from them to cover the company’s operating expenses, by withdrawing 70 percent from Sana’a and 30 percent from Aden and the rest of the other regions, considering that Sana’a’s sales exceed 70 percent compared to all affiliated sales regions to the company, and that the militia initially agreed to the proposal and then rejected it.

It pointed out that the company tried throughout the last period to rely on its other internal resources, and restarted operations from Sanaa to Amman with three new flights, in addition to the three previous humanitarian flights, so that operation from Sanaa to Amman became almost daily as a step to show good faith, which continued until the end of this September, in light of the company not being allowed to withdraw from its balances in Sanaa, which caused severe damage to the company.

The company reviewed the damage it has suffered since the outbreak of war 9 years ago, and its efforts to overcome many difficulties, as well as the company’s efforts to improve the level of its activity and services by adopting strategic plans and modernizing its fleet with a number of modern aircraft, the latest of which is preparing for two modern aircraft to enter service next October, and building hangers for maintenance and other updates.