Houthis abduct Socialist Party Leader, others in al-Baidha

English - Sunday 02 December 2018 الساعة 04:53 pm
Al-Baidha – Newsyemen

A leader at the Socialist Party was kidnapped with a number of his colleagues at a Houthi security checkpoint in Radaa district in al-Baidha province while on their way to Aden, south Yemen.

Local sources said to Newsyemen that AbdulQawi Abdulrahman al-Odaini, the leader of the Socialist Party in Ibb province, was kidnapped along with colleagues at Abu Hashem Checkpoint in the district last weekend.

Al-Odaini and his colleagues were kidnapped while on their way to Aden to receive their salaries that were stopped for two years.

Al-Odaini was transferred to the prison of the criminal investigation prison in Ibb province.

The socialist Party leader received his salary since 1994 in Aden who also was arrested for four months then Houthi set him free recently then he kidnapped again.