Tariq Saleh: We will follow the Leader’s and his companion’s path

English - الأحد 02 ديسمبر 2018 الساعة 07:58 م
Al-Hodaidah – Newsyemen

The leader of the National Resistance Brigadier Tariq Mohammed Abdullah Saleh described Sunday the Houthi militia as "a cancerous tumor is planted in Yemen's body, as Israel is planted in the Arab's body."

The President Ali Abdullah Saleh and his companion, Secretary-General of the General People's Congress, Aref Al-Zuka were martyred in December uprising / Intifada.

The Brigadier General wrote on his account in Twitter upon the first anniversary of the Dec. 02  a day the President and the martyr Ali Abdullah Saleh ended the alliance with a Houthi who called for a revolution and a condemnation of the Houthi movement.

He added that "If the Zionists claim to have a historic right in Palestine, Houthi claims to have a divine right in Yemen and outside Yemen".

The commander of the Republic's guards said that: " The people are the holders and the source of power," adding: "Long live the Republic of Yemen".