Houthis intensify military presence in al-Hodaidah port

English - الخميس 06 ديسمبر 2018 الساعة 11:05 ص
Al-Hodaidah – Newsyemen

The Houthi militia intensified its armed presence inside and around the port of al-Hodaidah, in conjunction with negotiations with the United Nations to hand over the port Department to the latter.

A source at the port told Newsyemen that Houthi militias has brought new reinforcements, including armed groups and military mechanisms, to be stationed inside the strategic port of al-Hodaidah.

The military reinforcements came from Hajjah province under the supervision of the so-called Abu-Salem, the source said.

The Houthis pushed armed group into the strategic port in the city amid the announcement of the Special Envoy for Yemen that he agreed with the militias that the UN will supervise the port.