Testimonies freeze Blood in veins inside Houthi prisons; murder under torture

English - Saturday 08 December 2018 الساعة 09:52 am
Tehama – Newsyemen

Horrifying stories and shocking testimonies recently were reported by international and media agencies over what are happening inside Houthi prisons and detention camps, and the horrific torture of Yemeni civilians.

The Associated Press registered its "shocked” before cases presented by an agency report, documenting some torture’s methods practiced against Yemenis in Houthi prisons.

In the absence of the world, the Houthi militias committed the most heinous crimes and violations, and what have been leaked is met with a kind of reservation or disregard.

The methods misinformation has succeeded in planting doubts about the credibility of the information and news leaks.

One case presented by Newsman, which was documented and published to public opinion, would have moved to move the conscience of the human rights and human society.

But the United Nations has been and remains preoccupied with the political line, no matter how humane the work has become.

* Safia Rajeh .. her Testimony and she is witness of the death of her husband

"Safia", the wife of Mr. Abdullah Ahmed Khalil, a construction worker, described how her husband was kidnapped in al-Hodaidah province from his home and hid for months.

A Houthi official visited her and told her to sign on a paper in which the wife did not know her content as her husband is going to release from the Political Security Department.

 ….When the wife came to the Political Security department so as to return with her husband, she is being told “ you can see him from the graveyard nearby”.. “the Houthi official told her “

Your husband is died of sick,  because you are poor and you cannot pay the cost of burial, we buried him instead and you had agreed on the document before ” and you had signed on it as well”.

Safia Rajeh, 41, who lives in Ghulail area in al-Hodaidah, a mother of eight children, the oldest is a 14-year-old girl, Safia Rajeh said that her husband was killed under torture in Houthi prison.